Alpena, Michigan Fishing Alpena, Michigan Fishing Alpena, Michigan Fishing Alpena, Michigan Fishing

Alpena, Michigan is located along the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. It is known as, “The Sanctuary of the Great Lakes”.

Kayaking & Canoeing are some of the great activities enjoyed within the Alpena area. Your adventure begins here!

Alpena’s Top Adventures: Fishing, Exploring Shipwrecks, Star Gazing, Kayaking & Canoeing, Biking, Hiking, Fossil Hunting, Lighthouses, Parks & Beaches, and Winter Sports.

Your fishing expedition begins here, centered within over 100 bodies of water in our four county Northeast MI area.

Fletcher's Pond

Lake Preview for Fletcher Pond in Northern Michigan. For more information, please visit or

Hubbard Lake

Lake preview for Hubbard Lake, in Northern Michigan.

Alpena Michigan area fishing report for Lake Huron and Thunder Bay

Alpena Area

July 13th 2017


Fish are SLAMMING!!!!  

Mixed bag fishing has started!!!

Time to get out and start trolling!!! 


Lake Huron- Lakers, Atlantic, King, Coho, and Pink Salmon are being caught in the mixed bag.  Walleye have been biting throughout the region. Mixed bag fishing will continue to get better and better as the water warms up over the next few weeks.  Right now the water temperature is still in the Mid 60's in the main body of lake Huron and is higher throughout Thunder Bay.  Trout and Salmon are being caught in 70-100 feet of water trolling spoons throughout the water column. The salmon are in the top 15-30' and the Lakers are usually within the bottom 10'.  Trolling at speeds of 2.5 MPH should give you the best action of all species. 


Thunder Bay- For Walleye concentrate Trolling Stickbaits. Limit catches have been coming in for several weeks now. Reef Runners, Rapalas, Rattlin Rouges all do well for this after dark. I do very well in the shallow waters all around the bay and near structure, especially rocky/rubble bottoms. Walleyes have now started in the shallows of Thunder Bay.  The best action is always the last hour of daylight, and the first few hours of darkness. Grass Island Reef, Sulfer Reef, and North Shore are the most popular spots. 


Hubbard Lake- Fishing in the shallows has stopped being productive for Walleye. The fish have moved deeper and you will find them in 30-60 feet of water.  Trolling with cranks pull lots of fish after dark. Rapala shad raps, Reef Runner Rip Shads, and Hot-N-Tots lures are some go to favorites.  Colors don't seem to matter since natural and florescent work side by side most days. This bite should last for the remainder of the summer out into deeper water. If you don't find them in the mid water column try deeper until you hit some fish. 



Good Luck and Tight Lines.

Captain Steve Hubert