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Atikokan, Ontario

Atikokan, Ontario

Atikokan, Ontario

Atikokan, Ontario

Atikokan, Ontario

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The 2018 fishing season is finished for another season. We finished with our last couple of fishing guests in snowy conditions, with great fishing. The 2018 season was one of our warmer summers in the past few years and fishing was excellent. We again would like to thank all of our returning customers and new customers for making 2018 another great year.

Our fall bear hunt is also finished for another season. Our fall hunt continued were our spring hunt left off with lots of bears harvested and multiple sightings at a lot of our baits. Overall we continued our high success ratio with over 80% harvest and 90% sightings.

We are presently busy doing renovations and getting ready for the 2019 season. We still have a few hunters in camp and will be closing for the season in another two weeks.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall season.



it has been a great summer so far. We are having lots of really nice weather and fishing is great too. The bass are still biting top water in the morning and evenings and wacky worms mid day. The biggest smallmouth being 22.5 inches. The walleyes are being caught in great numbers and size as well; with lots being caught on the basic jig and minnow just off the weeds on drop offs. The biggest being 28 inches. The northern pike are still very active too in the deeper water with the largest being 42 inches. Lake trout have moved to their summer holes and are still being caught in good numbers despite the warmer lake temperatures. Please see some pictures below of the many happy customers.


Fishing continues to be outstanding. The weather continues to be great with lots of days in the mid to high 70's and lows in the mid 50's which makes great fishing. We are seeing big numbers and size of smallmouth with the biggest topping 22.25 inches and serval in the 18 to 20 inch range. The Top Water bite is definitely on. The walleye fishing is also starting to pick up with this nice weather. We are seeing lots in the 20 to 23 inch range and the biggest being 28 inches. The northern pike fishing has continues strong as well with several pike being caught in the 30-34 inch range and the biggest last week topping 44 inches. Trout fishing has also been good with lots of numbers and size. The biggest trout of the week came off of Eva at just over 30 inches.

Here are just a few photos taken over the past couple of weeks of happy fisherman fishing out of camp Quetico. 


Camp is officially open for another year....the first week of the bear hunt was another great week despite the above average temperatures. Here is a picture of a nice 320 pound boar taken with a bow. The fishing has been excellent as well with lots of walleyes being caught in the 18-20 inch range, we have included a photo of a nice 20 inch average walleye. Lots of northern pike in the 30-36 inch range with the biggest being 46 inches on Eva Lake. Lake trout have been very active with the late ice out and are being caught in good numbers in 10-15 feet of water. The smallmouth bass have started moving into the shallow water with the surface temperatures on our main lake reaching 71 degrees. We have included a couple of nice bass pictures.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the water this summer.

Barry @ Camp Quetico


Camp Quetico Seasonal Outlook

The fishing outlook in the region around Camp Quetico Ontario remains very strong for the 2018 season! The bass are expected to be bedding by early June but are still very aggressively feeding in and around the 1st breaklines outside the spawning areas into July. Top water presentations are working early and late with spinnerbaits, swimbaits and wacky worms being very effective all day long.

Later in the summer the deeper structures hold the fish like magnets, and they are easy to catch.

The walleye bite was solid for our guides on the lakes were walleye are the target. Fish are always hitting jigs and live bait as well as crankbaits. The 2018 season will be awesome.

For those who enjoy Pike and Lake Trout the outlook is also great.If you are still looking for a place to get away this season we have a very limited amount of openings

Call Barry Giles at 807-929-2266