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The ice on Saginaw bay is in good condition as of today 14-20 in. The pressure cracks are becoming a problem for quads and side by sides if you don't have ramps or planks, snowmobiles are the best way to travel out there at the moment. With the we had fishing out there this past week was hit or miss. Limits are still being taken you just have to be on the active fish. The best fishing was in 20' - 28' FOW. The average size of the walleye have been 17" with 20" - 24" mixed in but several larger 28"-30" (10 lb) fish caught this past week. tight lines and be safe! For info call or message me on FB (810-280-9655) The Fish Fly Charters!


Captain Jay with The Fish Fly Charters. 810-280-9655
The the ice conditions on The Saginaw Bay are great with 12”-16” of ice. Keep in mind that there is usually a working pressure crack 1.5 to 3 miles off shore.  Just be cautious when approaching, keep in mind that just because you cross in a spot on the way out its not always going to be in the same condition hours later.    
      The fishing is great with limit catches of walleye and an occasional jumbo perch.  There are a few lake trout and white fish being taken also. Fish are being taken all over the bay from 10’ to 30’ FOW.  Don’t be afraid to move a 1/2 mile after a hour or so.  You my be just off the school.  
      Most fishermen prefer to use little Cleo’s , do jiggers and buckshot Spoons in the 1/8 to 1/2 oz size.


The ice fishing has begun in earnest on Saginaw Bay. We'll be updating regularly going forward. If you're looking for a fun and safe option, try fishing one of the marina's that are all around the bay. My friend Derek Dahlman snagged into some nice gills on the first trip out. Fire tiger tungsten' tipped with waviest was the ticket.


Saginaw bay / river report 
Saginaw bay has been hit or Miss.  15-20 fow in front of Linwood and 1 Mile east of the shipping channel from the spark plug to buoy 1/2 has been best.   Bandits 30-120 back clean and P-10’s with snap weights.  

Saginaw River has been good but lots of sorting through short fish.   3/8-1/2 oz jigs with a soft plastics tipped with a Minnow.   

The only 2 launches with docks are Linwood marina and state launch at the mouth of Saginaw River.  



Fall bite is in full swing!! Great walleye jig fishing in both the Detroit and St Clair rivers. Trolling walleye in Lake Erie and Saginaw bay also picking up when the weather allows. If its to windy try perch fishing on the inland lakes or riversPerch in breast bay 15-20 fow strait out from SSP has been good. Muskie casting on lake St Clair has been excellent.  

Captain Eric long
Long Line Charters


Well the big tournament is in the books. It was awesome to see all the big fish as well as the solid baskets of nice ones that so many of us in Michigan live to catch. Pretty much everything works on the nice weather days. The best has been spinners and meat, cranks and my new favorite way.....Dreamweaver Mini spoons behind #1 tadpoles. I started fishing with them this spring at Erie and they are dynamite. Worm burners have also been working. The thing I like is that I can go a bit faster with them and cover more water.


Awesome fishing is being had around the bay for those brave enough. The shoreline bite for spring perch and crappie has been going great. Rivers, cuts, marina' name it, the fish are being caught. It can be hit or miss for sure, but this week of warmth should get the walleye troller's out in force.


Detroit river


Fishing is starting to pick up.  From mid river to the mouth of St Clair fish have
Been caught.  Water temp 36-38 degrees and 2-4' of visibility.   Good stain throughout without a defined mud line yet. Found males steadily mid river with a few hens taken in shallow. 4" Bondy Minnows with a 1 oz jig catching most of our fish.  


Captain Eric Long
Long line charters




11/19/18 St Clair river -- Good catches of walleye jigging from ... Port Huron to Marysville.  Early morning has been the best bite.  


Captain Eric Long
Long line charters



Saginaw Bay

Day 1 and day 2 two man limit river perch Upper Thumb Huron County perch run is on. Glow perch rigs early morning and an hour before dusk



Fishing report 3/5/18

Saginaw bay
Strait out of Linwood has been good when u can get out.  Still lots of ice floating around.  South wind is fishable. Trolling cranks at 1-1.5 mph 20-100 Back was the ticket


Saginaw river
High and muddy. Best fishing had been near the mouth and Tibbitawassee. Find the mud line and better fishing. Captain Eric Long line charters 248-343-8863



We don't think that the ice is safe anymore, so we'll let you know the minute we hear reports from the river or marina's


Saginaw River Fishing from the mouth to Bay city has been good. 40-50 fish days have been common.Small jig raps and spoons along the shipping channel.Saginaw Bay Lots of fish caught along the west end. Great fishing strait out of Linwood.(14-24 feet) Move around and find the fish.Use caution with high winds and temps in the 40’s coming up. Make sure to Get a hold of Eric Long @ Long Line Charters 248-343-8863


Saginaw bay fishing report 

Great fishing from the Saginaw river mouth out to the black hole. 14-25 fow has been best.   Just move around till you find a school.  Little Cleo spoons and jigging raps took most of the fish. Use caution on the ice.   It has been moving around and creating large cracks due to warm temperatures and high winds.



As always when fishing on ice use caution. especially with the warmer weather we're having. Had a great weekend on Saginaw bay! Ice opened up in a few spots due to pressure cracks but it was manageable. Using moonshine jigs and blue and glow do jiggers with minnows roughly 10 miles out by the spark plug bouy. This is my buddy Dylan Kozfkay all the credit goes to him for being a true sportsman and taking me along.



After walleye fishing for the majority of the ice season so far the warm up got me back to my old stomping grounds in the shallows at Mudd creek & Saginaw bay. Not bad for 2 hours after work! Using yellow beaded guster hooks. The very cold weather has the shallows quite safe and contrary to what many people think, you don't have to go deep or far from shore to catch a good meal. It's not always about "Big Fish" it's sometimes just about getting a great meal! Have Fun! -Derek Dahlman



Saginaw Bay Update. 
> 1/8/18 Saginaw bay / river  
> Both the bay and river producing good numbers of walleye and perch.  
> Best fishing has been 8-14 fow on the south end of the bay. Jigging raps and spoons tipped with Minnows. Be careful out if Linwood. Several cracks opened up with all the wind. 
> Saginaw river from the mouth to bay city has been on fire. Lots of 30-40 fish days. Only downside is the amount of sorting with small fish. Make sure u bring lots of bait. 

> Captain Eric Long 
> Long Line Charters 
> 2483438863


The ice season on the Saginaw Bay has started with some great production. Perch have been caught in the shallows near cattails or weed beds, and in the cuts off the Saginaw Bay and River. Perch are also in the marinas and in shallow water near cattails. You can catch them good on perch rigs and minnows and on Russian spoons.Walleye are being taken in many places: from the Saginaw River, off Linwood Rd/Palmer rd anywhere from 6 to 18 feet of water, and out of Bay City State Park in varying depths. Travel with caution and follow trails as always. Look at the great fish that our friend James Dore caught recently.



Trolling has been awesome on Saginaw Bay for the last few weeks. The fish have been heavy in 14-17 FOW. Big crankbaits trolled 1.0-1.3 mph has been the best. Make sure you have a good mix of colors as "Hot Baits" have varied from day to day.