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Saginaw Bay report
Straight out of Linwood Marina in 20-24 feet of water trolling crawlers harnesses, spoons, crankbaits. Best leads for crawler harnesses were 20-38 feet of Offshore Planer Boards. Bottom bouncers have been productive also.  Best gps speed for trolling crawler harnesses 1.0-1.2. Cranks and spoons 1.8-2.4. Get out and get your fresh walleye today.
Captain Nick Dood
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Saginaw Bay bite remains as good as ever!

A good bite continues in 24-30 feet of water out between Pinconning bar and Saganing bar. Crawler harnesses in gold with 1 oz offshore tadpole weights 20-45 feet behind offshore planer boards. Also a solid bite in 12-15 feet of water. Crawler harnesses in gold with 1 oz offshore tadpole weights 10-15 feet behind offshore planer boards. The shallow water 10-15 bite is also been the spot for random Jumbo Perch. Lots of nice 18-24 inch Walleyes and a bonus jumbo perch from time to time. Get out and experience this hot bite!
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Saginaw Bay bite is on fire!

There's a great bite in 24-30' out between Pinconning bar and Saganing. Crawler harnesses in gold patterns behind a #1 Offshore Tadpole have been deadly. Leads out have been a spread from 20'-45' back behing the boards. Lots of very nice 18-24" walleye are coming to the nets. We have also started to catch a fair number of bonus "Jumbo" perch mixed into the day. You have got to get out and experience the Hot Bite!

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7/1/17 Port Austin 

Great walleye, whitefish, and trout fishing right now. Easy limits of walleye northeast of the lighthouse between the green marker. 50 to 70 fow has been great. Walleye caught off crawlers and great mixed bags when running spoons.

Captain Eric long 
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The best fishing of the year is right now. Easy limits of walleye strait out of Linwood marina. Sail boat buoys to channel markers 1 and 2. 19-25 fow. Crawlers, cranks, and spoons and catching limits of walleye. 




Report for Port Hope area

Port hope Lake Huron fishing 30-40 fow using 2-5 colors off leadcore with small warrior mini spoons and warrior flutter spoons.. trolling 2.2 to 2.6 we also got some bonus whitefish. Fish were 5-8 pounders. We sprayed our baits with eagle one bait company liquid spray. Lots of guys picking up Salmon in a little deeper water!

Report for AuGres area

Fishing was excellent in 35-40 feet of water. Crawler harnesses with a bloody nose blade, antifreeze melon or purple in size 5 all worked. Troll these depths with your crawler harnesses behind a #1 tadpole and planer boards with leads from 25-45 feet. This will cover depths from 12-20 feet when trolled at speeds from .8-1.2 mph. Lots of eater walleye are roaming these depths and are very active. 


 6/18/17 Saginaw Bay 

Report out of Linwood Beach
Still some of the best fishing of the year. Good numbers of fish in 20-30 fow east and west of the shipping channel. Take your pick spoons, cranks, or crawlers. Biggest fish near channel markers 1 and 2. 

Captain Eric long
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Saginaw Bay Lake Huron


Fishing is red hot now. Spoons, cranks, and crawlers all getting it done. Spoons and cranks 15-25 fow and crawlers 12-18 Fow have been best. Last trip the sailboat buoys were on fire. Best colors purples, black nickel, and blue and silver. Start at sailboat buoys and troll out toward the channel markers.

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Saginaw Bay is starting to produce some nice catches of walleye trolling in moderate depths (15-20') The area from Linwood road north for a few miles and the blackhole is also producing. Callahan and the shallows in front of Wildfowl bay are starting to go on spinners and crawlers. The crank bait bite will start soon as the bay warms.


Hey guys, just a quick note. My buddy Derek has been doing very well out of Pt Sanilac. He said to fish 20-25 FOW and he is using Purple Flicker minnows and catching some real nice fish. Take a look at his last bag just a few days ago.



Saginaw Bay-Spring fishing tips!

Spring time on the bay is a great time of year. It offers anglers several different ways to target Walleye. You can target the shallow water 5'-10' by trolling with crawler harnesses behind small inline weights or jet divers, small or large body baits, and even casting jigs or crank baits over structure and weed beds. The bite tends to move out to 15' or deeper by mid-May. 


   As the water warms up and the fish move out deeper 10'-30' feet. Many Anglers's use crawler harnesses behind jets, inline weights, and bottom bouncers. A great way to find the fish is to set out a spread of lines that are at different depths, you then simply mimic the baits that are producing fish. Most crawler harness fisherman set the speed at 1.2-1.8 mph. Crank baits and smaller spoons can be more effective because you can troll faster and cover more water in a given time period. My personal preference is trolling spoons at 1.8-3 mph with leadcore or copper line. 2,3,and 4 colors of lead works great. Popular crank baits include Berkley flicker shad/minnow, Rapala dhj10s & dhj12s Storm hot n tots, and Reef Runner Deep Little rippers. When trolling I try several different profile baits that produce different noise and vibrations in the water.  After I narrow down a bait then I'll try to fine tune it with bait colors. A good fish finder will be your best friend.  You will be able to find active fish suspended off the bottom. My best advise is, if there is not a gap between the fish and the bottom move on to the active feeding fish suspended off the bottom.  Good navigation charts will help you follow contour lines, find points, and detect subtle changes in depth. 
Finally; when you mark fish and catch them, shorten up the trolling pattern to stay in the productive area until you catch a limit or the bite dies. 


Captain Eric Long


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The water is starting to clean up out on the Bay. Perch action all around the bay should really start to go in the shallows. Fighting the wind and dirty water has been the biggest challenge. If you get a few days of decent conditions the fishing has been great in the shallows and river/stream mouths. Perch rigs with bigger minnows has been the ticket for bigger fish. Look at these great fish that our friend Derek caught recently! Bottom line is that you can't catch fish if you don't go!

The Walleye trolling bite began for us this past weekend. The water was not very clean but we found a few really nice fish 3-4 miles north of Linwood road in 18' FOW. We slow trolled  multi colored P-10s and tried to get them down about 3' off bottom. Trolling speed was very slow .9 to 1.1 mph. Try getting your boat wet with an early season troll. Good Luck! Jigging out in front of some of the rivers has also been producing a few fish

Have heard some good reports of walleye in Au Gres Bay as well. Trolling stick baits!



The past week the Perch fishing in the marina's, cuts and rivers has been solid. James Dore and friend put put together a nice 40 fish bunch with some real solid ones, also some bonus crappie in just a few hours in a west shore marina. They were using minnows and perch rigs. Those fishing cuts from shore have also been doing well. The fish are definately starting to really heat up and with stable warming weather coming it is for sure time to fish!

Depending on the winds and rain. Fish are being caught in the river but it is totally dependent on water flow and clarity. If it blows and rains, fishing will be tough. 


The high winds have been a pain in the neck but i'm still getting scattered reports of a good bite in marina's around the bay. You can also add Bluegill and Crappies to the list of things starting to bite. The east shore marina's have been the best. I also just received a very reliable report of males heavy in some of the cuts around the bay as well as marina's.

Hopefully the wind subsides and the river cleans up as well. Good luck! Look at this nice bunch of crappie caught this week by Jerry Smith in an east shore marina. Bobber's and minnows were the ticket.


Perch fishing around Saginaw Bay has been excellent. Whether you are fishing from shore, the river or shallows and cuts...even the marina bite has been very good! It's been a mixed bag but I can tell you that some marina's are really kicking out some nice fish if your willing to sort. Perch rigs have been the ticket tipped with minnows. Rigs with White/Chartruse/Red have been the best. This bite will hold or get better over the next few weeks.

Saginaw River: When the wind isn't blowing 100 MPH and the river is not dirty from recent rain and run off, there had been good action. You have to pick your days and use common sense, but the fish are already there. Water clarity and normal flow are an assumption to river fishing. Chartruse & Orange jigs tipped with your favorite plastic and stinger hooks have been good. Here are just some of the fish caught during the last week! Thanks to Ken at Legend Killer Charters 810-259-8297



Well it is open water fishing on the bay and Saginaw river! I have real reports of good perch being caught in the Saginaw river with the random walleye. My sources are perch guys at this time of the year so that's what I have for you today. Theye were fishing close to the Essexville launch ramp and were doing very well on perch rigs and minnows. A good group of 9-10" fish with a few 12" fish and a walleye. The trollers will be out in force by Monday or Tuesday. Based on the long range forcast this looks like an early start to open water fishing! Enjoy

The Saginaw river is completely open and walleye are beginning to be jigged up. All ramps are ice free.





Well the cold weather came back and we have some safe ice on the bay. The shallow waters of the bay are kicking out great catches of fish. Most of the anglers are fishing in 3-4' of water on either shores of the bay. Depending on the wind the best stretches have been from Linwood Rd north to Standish. And on the East shore from Vanderbilt park up to Sebewaing. Lures of choice seem to be a mix of Diamond willows, Ken's hooks, Russian spoons or any variety of beaded spoons. Whether you tip with a minnow head or wax/spike, it's all about what works for each guy. One thing is certain. Lot's of nice fish are being caught. A little tip, try a little lure lipstick. This product does seem to get more bites for those using it, no they don't sponsor me....just a tip! Don't venture to deep and bring stuff for an emergency. Rope, life ring, ect....Be safe

Pay close attention to the wind as it can move stuff around.


Thanks to Steve Clauss for a great photo of his catch!



Last weekend was a bust due to the warm weather. We have reports of good ice for WALKING in the shallows around most of the bay. I don't recommend ATV use yet. Perch fishing in 3-6' of water has been the ticket. The fish were biting Russian spoons or small slender spoons tipped with a minnow head or tear drops and wax worm combo.There were several bites going around the bay but the area right around Standish seems to have the best ice and has been very good for the last day or so. The fish are a mixed bag of 7-12" so you can sort your way to a nice fish fry!

Bring a 100' of rope and a life ring, it's not that heavy and if someone does go in the other guys can throw him the ring and get him out. Remember, high winds can be a very dangerous situation. I would avoid any creek or river mouth areas for a few more days. The cold weather should tighten up the ice we have but still use caution.