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Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Hearst Air - Pym Island


Watch the "Fisherman's Digest" TV show.

Availably Locally and Nationally on these networks and times. Set your DVRs.

  • CBS Sports Network - Sundays at 7:00a.m.
  • Fox Sports, Ohio - Saturdays at 9:00a.m.
  • Fox Sports, Detroit - Sundays at 7:00a.m.
  • NBC Chicago Sports Net PLUS - Mondays at 12:30p.m.


Well another great adventure with Hearst Air is in the books! Man was our trip to Napken Lake FUN. 6 guys and all the Pike and Walleye a guy could ever want. If you have never checked out Hearst Air and all the great adventure opportunities they have then simply click on the Hearst Air tab under Destinations on our site. Read about all of their camps. Here's a few photo's of this past trip.



We are busy flying in groups to all our camps now. When the first parties come back we will start showing the pics! We still have a few summer openings at Pym Island Outpost camp.



Fishing camp season is just around the corner. We will be at the shows and also in the Fisherman's Digest Travel booth this spring. We are in our down period for fishing. We look forward to seeing you at one of our great camps this season. We will be reporting as soon as we open in May.

If you are looking for the best fly-in adventure in Canada, check out Pym Island Outpost camp. It was flat out the best trip I have ever been on. They have openings in July and August! Check it out at www.hearstair.com