Holland Michigan Fishing on Lake Michigan Holland Michigan Fishing on Lake Michigan Holland Michigan Fishing on Lake Michigan Holland Michigan Fishing on Lake Michigan

Our Lake Michigan Port offers some fantastic Holland, Michigan fishing all season long.

From wooden shoes to windmills, beaches to brew pubs, and festivals to fishing, Holland has a wide variety of activities and attractions for everyone!

Doesn’t matter if you’re fishing from your own boat, off a break wall, or aboard a charter vessel, you’ll be fishing one of the finest freshwater fisheries in the country.

On Windmill Island you can tour “DeZwaan,” the only authentic Dutch windmill operating in the United States.

Holland Michigan area lake preview


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Holland Michigan area fishing report for Lake Michigan


We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 season out of the port of Holland, MI. We will launch the Black Pearl in April and begin the season with beach fishing shallow water coho and brown trout. During this same time period out lake trout fishery takes off as well. Starting around the first or second week of May our king salmon show up. Last season this was the best month of fishing for number of silver fish. May kings and coho offer both exciting action and excellent table fare. We are looking forward to another great season out of the port of Holland. Call now to reserve your spot.

Happy New Year,
Captain Mark


Fishing is picking up.  Leaves are about done dropping.  The upper end of the river is better than the lower but there should be a good push of fish coming in.  Blood Run floats have been producing as well as plugs.  Fish are running especially big this season so change out that float line and check out the Skeena hooks.  Give Capt Tony a call at ‭1 (616) 836-8452‬.  


Capt Mark Rapson 


Fishing has been constantly changing out of Holland. Prior to the lake flipping we found fish in 90-110 FOW. A mix of coho, lake trout and kings comprised our catch. At this point the lake water is in the 40s top to bottom. A few coho and kings are biting at the piers. Trout are in 90-110 and 130. It will be interesting to see if there’s another push of coho yet to come.

Best of luck,
Capt Mark


Well the kings showed up for us Friday morning in 3-5 ft seas. Their numbers will hopefully continue to build over the next few weeks. We have found fish all the way out to 200 fow. Blood Run wire divers and coppers are producing the majority of our kings. Offshore magnum planer boards have been critical as they right themselves easily if a ripper drags them under. We’ve been pairing these with a mix of Big Weenie meat rigs and Dreamweaver spin doctors/flys. Good colors include Kevin’s girlfriend, spotted dick, fat Nancy and Kevorkian. 

Tight lines,
Capt Mark




Steady fishing has continued out of Holland. The lake rolled this week following a northwest blow. We were able to capitalize on a shallow water steelhead and brown trout bite that resulted in another master angler steelhead for a lucky angler. We are now back to fishing in 80-120 fow with 100-350 Blood Run coppers behind Offshore taking a mix of species. Our Traxtech riggers have been taking good size trout on bottom. If you need a charter captain get a hold of Mark Rapson @ hollandsportfishing@gmail.com


Fishing in Holland remains good. Our catches of silver fish are starting to improve and we are seeing more kings being caught. There’s a mix of fish in 90-120 FOW and coho/steelhead in 180-230. We were able to participate in the Holland Steelheaders Veterans outing Saturday. It was a fun event and our Veterans each got to enjoy their first Lake Michigan fishing experience.




Fishing has been steady over the past week. Lake trout fishing has been excellent. Both coho and king salmon numbers are building as well. We even had a young man get his first DNR Master Angler steelhead in Friday. We’ve been finding a mix of salmon and trout in 85-110 fow. There are coho showing up in 180-220 as well. Stingray and Regular DW spoons in Jawbreaker, Blue Veggies, and Jordo have been good on 150-250 Blood Run coppers. We have been taking a few king bites each trip on our Blood Run low wire Deeper divers w either Big Weenie Purple Pooter, Living the dream or Kevin’s Girlfriend combos. Weather looks great this week.



Book a charter with Mark at hollandsportfishing@gmail.com 

Tight Lines,
Capt Mark


Fishing has been steady out of Holland. We’ve been catching a mix of Lake trout, kings and steelhead. The recent south winds have pushed the fish out to 110-130 FOW. Blodgett Run wire divers back 150-200 with Kevin’s girls friend and Purple Pooter Big Weenie rigs have been taking kings. 150-400 coppers with spoons on the higher coppers and DW Spin Doctors on the low coppers are producing a mixed bag. Chrome/mtn dew, kevorkian and white slick have been good. 

Have a Great 4th!

Capt Mark


Fishing remains good out of Holland. We’ve been catching a mix of lake trout, big steelhead and kings in 90-110 fow. Big Weenie Laker Landers have been stellar for trout off our Blood Run divers. The steelhead and kings have been taking a mix of spoons off our 150-300 Blood Run coppers. Our Traxtech riggers have also produced 50-60 down with spoons. Regular Dreamweaver coyote, steelie stomper, and Stingray blue dolphin and jawbreaker have all been good.


Fishing remains good out of Holland. We are catching great numbers of lake trout in 90 ft. Salmon fishing is also pretty good with fish in 130-140 ft and 160-180. Big Weenie meats rigs in Kevin’s Girlfriend, Pearl Illusion and Speckled Dick off Blood Run Wire divers are taking kings. Our Offshore Magnum boards pulling Blood Run Coppers in 150-300 lengths are producing a mix of kings, coho and trout pulling regular size Dreamweaver spoons, super slims and Magnum Silver Streaks. Magic Man, Coyote and Jordo have been good colors. Book a charter with Mark at hollandsportfishing@gmail.com 


Tight Lines,Capt Mark


Fishing has been outstanding out of the port of Holland. We have primarily been fishing 180-220 fow. Traxtech riggers with spoons and free sliders have been good 45-65 down. Our Blood Run divers have been consistent producers at 120-180 on highs and 85-140 on the lows. We’ve been pulling a combination of Big Weenie meat rigs and Spin Doctors. Kevin’s Girlfriend and white w double slick have been good. Blood Run coppers have been good with a mix of spoons on the 150-300 lengths. Spin Doctors and flies have been good in the 350&400s. A big Thank You to our servicemen and women.Book a charter with Mark at hollandsportfishing@gmail.com 
Tight lines,
Capt Mark


Fishing is outstanding out of Holland. 120-210 FOW has all been good. Riggers 50-100 down w paddles and flies, meat rigs and spoons. Divers back 120-180 with Spin Doctors and flies or Big Weenie Meat Rigs. 150-400 Blood Run Coppers with mag spoons have been stellar. This has been some of the best fishing I’ve experienced and many other captains are saying the same thing. Book a charter with Mark at hollandsportfishing@gmail.com 


The king salmon fishing is picking up in a big way. The photo is from St. Joe where we fished a tourney the past few days. The king bite was so good we had to pace ourselves on catching by running only 1-3 rods. They are moving north though and later this week is gonna get very exciting in the Holland area. Now is the time to book for silver fish. Mag Silver Streaks are putting in work on blood run coppers. Big Weenie meat rigs are taking good numbers of fish on wire divers as well. Lakeshore Outfitters is well stocked with Familiar Bite herring strips.

Capt Mark  Book a charter with Mark at hollandsportfishing@gmail.com 


Fishing is good out of Holland. The first king salmon are starting to show up in 60-100fow. They are biting 75-200 Blood Run coppers and 2-7 colors of lead core. Lake trout fishing is off to a good start as well. As the waters warm this week I anticipate salmon showing in greater numbers.

Capt Mark


Coho fishing is good in 20-30 FOW. Divers and riggers w coho dodgers and peanut fly's. Flat lines, 2-3 color lead cores, and 30 coppers with a mix of Thin Fins, Bay Rats and Mini Streaks have been the ticket. Kings are starting to show up in the catches from St Joe south so we are anticipating them starting to show up by Holland soon with the warmer weather. Book a charter with Mark at hollandsportfishing@gmail.com 

Capt Mark


Fishing is just starting up in Holland with a mix of coho, browns and the occasional steelhead. Fish are being caught in 8-25 ft of water with the browns hanging out in the sandbars and the coho just outside. A mix of body baits and mini size Silver Streaks have been best. Thunder sticks, Thin Fins, J-9&11 raps and Bay Rats have been good. 

Stay warm out there,
Capt Mark - Black Pearl Charters 517-449-5443


Well the 2017 season is over for the Black Pearl this year as we got her pulled and cleaned up for her winter slumber.  There are plenty of fishing opportunities to look forward to in the coming few months in the Holland area.  Lake trout fishing should remain good for the next month or so in the big lake.  There should be more silver fish showing up as well as the lake cools off.  Look for them to show up in waters 150-220+ feet deep.  The bite is typically a spoon bite with standard to mini size Silver Streaks putting in work off Blood Run coppers and core.  The river steelhead bite will also heat up once the leaves fall.  November is usually the start in the Kalamazoo River.  Captain Tony is getting his custom river jet, Fat Sally, all geared up and ready to go this week in fact.  Fall steelhead are an absolute blast and one of the prettiest fish our state has to offer.  Following steelhead fishing we are hoping for a good, safe ice season on our local lake in Holland and Saginaw Bay.  Feel free to call Capt Tony or myself if you have interest in getting out this winter or fall.  Hope everyone has a good Fall and Winter.
Capt. Mark Rapson
Black Pearl Sportfishing
517 449-5543








Holland Report


Fishing remains excellent out of Holland. We are catching a mixture of Kings, CoHo, Lake Trout and Steelhead. Fish can be found in 120-140, 160-180 and out past 200. Traxtech tech riggers 90-120 with Big Weenie meat rigs and paddles are consistent producers. Divers out 240-350 on highs and 170-240 on the lows have been producing too.  Weenie Pole Dancer, Illusion, Thruster Buster, Spotted Dick and Kevin's Girl friend have all been good. Blood Run coppers 250-450 lengths with a mix of plugs, small paddles and Spin Doctors have been good too. Pickled Ken, Pole Dancer and Green Krinkle and any of the Ace High Splatter series plugs have been good.

Capt Mark




Holland Report


Fishing remains excellent out of Holland. Good numbers of coho and king salmon can be found in 120-200 feet of water. Traxtech riggers with Big Weenie meat rigs and paddles down 75-105 feet are taking big kings. Blood Run wire divers with meat rigs and 8" paddles are going 150-220 feet back. 300-450 coppers pulled by Offshore boards are also good with mag Silver Streak spoons, plugs and flasher fly combos. Many big fish are being caught so check your gear thoroughly to avoid break offs.Tony



Report: Holland




Fishing is picking up with calmer weather.  The kings are showing up a little early it seems.  Boats are catching 3-6 quality kings per trip in 130-140 and 180-190 FOW.  200-400 coppers with spoons and meat rigs.  Divers 150-200 back on highs and 120-140 on lows.  Big Weenie pole dancer, green illusion and living the dream have been good.





Weather conditions have been brutal this past week with storms and wind.  Steelhead and a few kings have been in 130-140 fow.  150-300 foot segments of copper with jager bomb, jawbreaker, and mixed veggies have been good.  Outdowns down 45-60 ft with the same spoons are also producing.  Lake trout have been in 90-110 ft near bottom. 

Fishing is picking up out of Holland. Decent fishing for a mix of lake trout, kings, and steelhead in 100-120 fow. Riggers 70 down to bottom. Divers back 200-220 on the highs and 150-190 on the lows have been good. We have been pulling a mix of meat rigs and paddle fly combos. White paddle w Poofster has been good. Big Weenie Pole Dancer has been our best meat rig.
Well it's June and fishing has slowed.  Boats are catching 5-10 fish per trip with a mix of lake trout, kings and steelhead.  120-140 FOW has been producing.  Lakers are coming on Traxstech downriggers fished near bottom with dodgers and spin n glos.  Kings have been coming on our low divers with Big Weenie meat rigs (Purple  Haze) back 150-200.  150-300 ft Blood Run coppers with either mag Silver Streaks or Stinger Stingrays have taken silver fish as well.  Mixed Veggie, Panty Ho, Jordo and Inmate have all been good colors. 
Capt. Mark Rapson
Black Pearl Sportfishing
517 449-5543



Fishing out of Holland has been outstanding.  We have been catching 20-30 fish per trip.  The majority have been kings and coho with a few steelhead and lakers in the mix.  Fishing has been good in the early AM in 90-120 FOW.  After the early bite we have been sliding out to 180-220 and finishing off our limit.  150-300 lengths of copper pulled by Offshore planer boards have shined.  UV Magnum Silver streaks have been good along with Stingray size Stingers.  Downriggers have been best 40-60 down with spoons.  Try a paddle 100-150 down for big kings.  Divers back 120-220 have been pulling meat rigs and spin doctors and flies. Holland Pier has been producing a few nice Steelhead. Bait, get this, large boiled shrimp. Sheephead are being caught by the half dozens on minnows.




Captain Mark Rapson


Black Pearl Sportfishing


517 449-5543







5-15-17 Report:  Good fishing for king salmon is being had in 80-120 fow out of Holland.  The deeper water in 120-140 has a mix of coho and kings.  Outside that closer to 200 fow the coho fishing is outstanding.  Stingray and Magnum Silver Streaks in UVs, oranges and greens have been best.  Flasher flies and meat are taking a bigger kings.


Well the spring bite for Coho is rolling out of the port of Holland Michigan! Coho are being caught in 180-220 FOW. Downrigger set between 50-140 down are producing well. 3-7 coloors of leadcore are going great as well. If you are running copper for the deeper fish then 200-450 copper has been the best. Mini streaks in orange patters and glows have been the best, 00 dodgers and flies are also doing very well. Lake trout and a few kings are starting to show up in 60-80 FOW. Good Luck!

If you are looking to book a charter, check out my friend Mark Rapson on Black Pearl Sportfishing 517-449-5543.

Look at this nice bunch of fish Mark & Friends caught!


The coho are starting to bite offshore. The browns are in the shallows but the winds have dirtied the shorelines up so bad they simply are not fishable. Give it a week



Pier fisherman are starting to do well on the steelhead that are exiting the rivers after the spring spawn. Spawn and spoons are both producing well.



Waiting for the start of open water trolling and by the looks of the 15 day forecast it won't be long till we start fishing the sand for Brown Trout. Captain Don will be checking in with you all soon! The crappie should be in and around the docks in the marina's soon and the browns and coho are going to be going any day!



Well we are waiting on safe ice on Lake Macatawa. As soon as we are sure of the conditions we will start reporting. The Spring big lake fishing usually starts in March depending on the weather. We are looking forward to another great year out on Lake Michigan.


October 28,2016. There is still some good fishing right now out on Lake Michigan. Try for steelhead in 70-270 feet of water this time of year. Run Silver streak minis on flat lines and short coppers and troll fast to cover more water to find the active pods of fish. There are also some good kings still to be had in 130-180. We are done for the year and will resume reports again in late March or early April.



Click here for the Holland Michigan area fishing report for Lake Michigan.