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Houghton Lake Preview

Houghton Lake Preview

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Houghton Lake Michigan area fishing report for Houghton Lake


Houghton Lake ice report 12.26.17. Santa brought us fish able ice for Christmas, so Lyman’s was able to start hauling their rental shanties out. We measured 6” all the way from our shore to about about a mile out. Reports are about the same on the north shore, east bay, long point and little round. Still haven’t heard from the west shore and they were pretty thin late last week. Look out for pressure cracks if you’re on quads.

Houghton Lake Hog. Logan (from St Clair Shores) is already in mid-season form with this 26", 5 1/2 lb walleye he caught on a tip-up tipped with a Lyman's emerald shiner. He also caught some big gills, crappie and a jumbo perch on white/green and white/pink jigs with wax worms. He was fishing the south shore and east bay. Great job, Logan...again.

Master Angler Houghton Lake Pike. Clint Mock from South Bend, IN hauled in a 40", 16 1/2 pound pike on early ice. He was using a kast master rattle jig tipped with a minnow on 4# test....it took a little while to land. Nice fish!

 Make sure to stop by Lyman's On The Lake before you go out or call to reserve a lake side cabin. 989.422.3231



The lake temp is starting to cool and the walleye are getting more active.  Best bite has come from crawler harnesses, hot n tots and jigs.  Bass are starting to slow down, but guys are having success using wacky worms, tube jigs and golden shiners.  Panfish have been excellent using red worms or waxworms on a colored jig or flicker snells.  Pike are everywhere....just troll with anything that shines and spins.  Best depth for all species has been 9' to 12'.  Stop by Lyman' On The Lake for the freshest bait and the best selection of tackle.  Also taking cabin reservations for the fall  989.422.3231. Look at these nice recent catches!






The walleye bite is starting to pick up...trolling with green/chart, orange, purple and pink colored crawler and leech harnesses works best.  Some guys are having success using Hot n Tots, Salmo's and Flicker Shads.  Drift or troll near the 9' to 12' drop-offs by weed beds.  Big gills and sunnies are being caught on flicker snells and jigs tipped with leeches, waxies and worms.  Pike, bass and rock bass are everywhere and are active...try spinner baits and live bait.  Stop by Lyman' On The Lake for the freshest bait and the best selection of tackle for Houghton Lake.  Also taking cabin reservations for the end of the summer and for 2018.  989.422.3231






The gills are starting to bed in the shallows of the lake around 4ft of water try using rocket bobbers with a plain hook with a worm or a leech. The walleye are in 9 to 12ft of water right in the weeds. Anglers are taking walleye trolling crank baits or crawler harnesses also try leeches and slip bobbers in the weeds. The pike are being very active as usual and will hit pretty much anything with some flash. Bass are being caught on wacky worm rigs, tube jigs and live bait presentations. 
Make sure to stop by Lyman's On The Lake before you go out or call to reserve a lake side cabin. 989.422.3231




The crappie are moving out of the canals and into the lake...search the big weed beds using minnows.  Pumpkinseeds & rock bass have turned on this past week...leeches and crawlers under a slip bobber works best.  Walleye prefer live bait during the day...leeches/crawler harnesses and jigs in chartreuse, pink, purple and gold are effective.  After dark, eyes move into shore and a  few guys are limiting out using shallow diving crank baits.  Bass are being caught on wacky worm rigs, tube jigs and live bait presentations.  Pike are EVERYWHERE and are hitting on just about anything.  Make sure to stop by Lyman's On The Lake before you go out or call to reserve a lake side cabin. 989.422.3231




The temperature is finally heating up again and the Lilacs are in bloom, which means the fish are biting at Houghton Lake.  The Walleye bite has been best at first light and early evening using Fish Bones' crawler harnesses, jigs with leeches and "Rosies".  After dark, try gold/black or orange crank baits near shore. Crappie and gills are found in the canals and weed beds.  Use minnows for crappie under a pink or purple jig and worms for gills.   Bass are active at the mouths of canals and streams/rivers - wacky worm rigs have been popular.  Stop by Lyman's On The Lake for the freshest and largest selection of bait & tackle with the friendliest staff. 




The fishing remains good on Houghton Lake and Lake St. Helen. The winds and cold have been a pain for anglers but on the decent days nice fish are coming in. You basically have to be ready to go, and go when the weather allows. The walleye are biting on leeches under bobbers in the shallows and also on jigs and leeches. With the cold water minnows and jigs are also a good choice. The larger crappie are also biting and the bluegill are in the shallows as well. Finding some new weed growth will really up your catch. Take a look at these nice fish that were caught this past weekend. This weekends weather looks decent so we'll see ya up here!


Houghton Lake fishing report. I just talked to Kurt and he said the fish are really starting to bite well on Houghton Lake, the water is warming up...close to 50 degrees and the crappie and blue gills are making their way into the canals.  Use wax worms, red worms or crawlers for gills and small emerald shiners or fatheads for the crappie.  Best depth for the bait is only 12"-18".  Pink, purple and fire tiger jigs have worked the best.  Try a pinkie or little nipper jigs for the crappie. Look at these great fish. For the best tackle and bait stop by Lyman's "On the Lake"





2.08.17 Houghton Lake ice fishing report.  Ice thickness is approximately 15" over the entire lake.  The large pressure crack is healing...there are more places to cross safely, however, conditions do change, so always check before crossing.  Blue gill, perch and pike continue to be active.  Use waxworms, spikes or wigglers on tungsten jigs in chartreuse, fire tiger, pink, black and gold for the pan fish.   Pike are after golden shiners and suckers.  The walleye bite is slow...use smaller, slower presentations (Swedish pimples, tingler spoons and Fishbones jigs) for best results.  Try tipping with emerald shiners and, when really finicky, use wigglers.  Be sure to stop at Lyman's On The Lake for the freshest bait and largest selection of tackle on Houghton Lake.  989.422.3231. 

Higgins lake and Lake St. Helen have been great for the last 2 weeks as well. Lake Trout are biting in about 90' and perch have been biting in the 45-60' depths.


1.24.17  Houghton Lake ice fishing report.  Ice thickness in north bay is around 8", behind Lyman's On The Lake on the west shore the ice measures 11", most of the middle areas are 14" to 15".  There is a large pressure crack running along the western shore starting from the south DNR launch running to long point.  There are many augered holes which haven't frozen over and have expanded, so be cautious on quads and sleds.  The ice is solid and we are expecting freezing weather to return in the next couple of days.  Blue Gill, perch and pike have been active. Use goldens and suckers for the pike.   Widow Maker tungsten jigs tipped with waxies, pink spikes and wigglers is working best on pan fish.  Walleye have been a little slow...some guys had luck using Fish Bones rattle jigs, Swedish Pimples, Do Jiggers and Jiggin' raps tipped with blues or wigglers.  For the latest ice conditions, advice on best bait to use and for ice shanty rentals, be sure to stop at Lyman's On The Lake or call 989.422.3231



Ice thickness on Houghton Lake is a solid 12" to 18".   There are several problem pressure cracks to navigate around, but anglers are able to get to their spots from about any launch area.  Pike have been active throughout the day. Guys are catching them under tip-ups using golden shiners and suckers.  Use wax worms and spikes for gills under pink, purple, gold and wonderbread jigs.  Walleye are hitting on Fishbone's mini rattle jigs, PK flutterspoons, weevil jigs, do-jiggers and jiggin raps...all tipped with emerald shiner heads.  On days when the bite is slow, wigglers worked really well in place of shiners or wax worms on every species.    Make sure you stop by Lyman's On The Lake for the latest info, the best assortment of tackle and the freshest bait on the lake.   




Ice thickness on Houghton Lake ranges from 8" to only 2", so we are limited to areas closer to shore.  Fortunately, there are still plenty of decent, safe areas to find blue gill, walleye and pike.  They are reporting 4" to 6" of ice up to 200 yards out along the south shore area, parts of east bay and along the north shore.  The western shore is still too thin before the drop offs, so it's best to avoid those areas for now.   Tip-ups with emerald shiners and your favorite jig favoring perch patterns, silver/black and pink have been the most productive...make sure you tip the jigs with a minnow head or wax worm.   The lake is still several days away from being able to handle sleds & ATV's. 

Before you go out, make sure you stop in at Lyman's On The Lake for the most up-to-date ice report and for all your bait & tackle needs.   Make sure you take a buddy and frequently check the ice in front of you with a spud.  

Good luck and be safe.


Blue gills & bass continue to be active with walleye starting to heat up as the water temperature drops.  The larger, 7"+ gills have been found a foot off the bottom in 9'-10' of water on the weed bed drop-offs.  Anglers are using pink or purple jigs tipped with leeches (yes, we still have them in stock), leaf worms or wax worms.  Bass are hitting on live bait rigs and plastics and they can be found under docks and in the weed beds.  Walleye are starting to get more active and a few guys are reporting picking them up in the shallows at dusk using crank baits.   

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