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Welcome 2018 and what will be a FANTASTIC year for walleye on Lake Erie! Excellent hatch rates from ’14 and ’15 have produced a large number of legal-sized fish ranging from 18” to 22” that will be available for the catching. Early season ice-out will start with majority of the females spawning around the reef complex in the Western Basin with the males to follow. Jigging these reefs early in the season will produce some very quick limits and a lot of fun for those that wish to fish that way. Another great way to target the larger females going to and returning from the spawning grounds on the reefs is to troll. Trolling the outer range markers (A, B, C & D cans) covering water ranging in depth of 15’ to 20’. Post-spawned females seem to like to retreat to 20’+ of water after spawning. The female walleye typically spends only a few hours on top of the reefs spawning, mostly a night before moving off to deeper waters. Here they will rest and feed to recover from the spawn before they start their slow trek back east. Trolling stick baits such as Reef Runners, Bandits, Husky Jerks, P10’s, and etc. both high and low depending on the depth of the fish will produce a great opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime! A lot of FishOhio 28” plus walleye will be there to catch!

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