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Fishing is REALLY starting to heat up on the Western Basin. Lot's of limit catches are coming at a fast pace all over the lake right now. Most of these fish are in the 17" to 22" size range with the occasional bigger fish.
Right now, however you like to fish for walleye will work. Troll with cranks or spoons, troll with harnesses, or drift and cast. Popular areas are south of the range cans and Clinton Reef, North/East of Mouse Island, and North/South of American Eagle shoal.
We had a FUN FUN group this past weekend from Michigan. Trolled Tru-Trips 20' to 45' back with small scorpion spoons around 1.9 knots. Quick order to limits of fish for the group!
We have some dates available in June yet. June is some of my favorite times to fish. Weather is getting great...water is cleaning up AND there are not many bugs yet. Plus the fish are feeding heavily! Check back for next week's report. Give us a call to book your charter and get in on some of the awesome fishing that is going on right now!
Captain Kelly Schmidt


This past weekend proved to be the start of what will be some phenomenal walleye fishing in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Lots and lots of fish were caught with several limits this past weekend. Water clarity is improving and water temp is now above 50 degrees, so the fish are becoming more and more active.

We are now in the transition period for both casting and trolling. The jig bite is winding down around the reef complex with people starting to switch over to worms both casting and drifting. For trolling, the typical spring crankbait is still going strong, but several are starting to introduce spoons. If you like to slow troll worm harnesses, look for those to take off as well. The lake is becoming very active as the weather stabilizes and the water temp increases.

We had a group of 5 guys for a 3-day charter, but the wind gusts up to 40+ mph on Friday kept us docked. Saturday was a day of searching and trying to find some active fish after the blow on Friday. The bite was a little slow for most, but we ended with 19 nice eyes for our group of 5. For day 2 on Sunday, we started by running west and settled in just south of the reef area. We were running the same crankbait program of Bandits as the day before, and trolling around 1.7 – 1.8 knots. The bite started a little slow boxing 8 eyes in the first few hours. We decided to make a move east and introduced spoons behind Big Fish Tuff true trip 40’s on one side of the boat and leaving the Bandit crankbaits on the other side. It was GAME ON!!! First pass we boxed 7 nice eyes and after a couple hours we finished the group’s 5-man limit of 30 fish with the last fish being a 29” Fish Ohio.  We had a blast and it was a great group to fish with!



The 2018 fishing is officially in the books for Eriegardless Sportfishing. We had a great group of guys this past weekend from Minnesota. The trolling bite has been super slow due to the much colder than normal water temps and dirty water from a NE wind up to 35+ knots a week ago. We did manage some good fish for our group that wanted to go trolling to have a chance at catching some bigger fish. Fished an area just North of Catawaba Island using Bandits 55’ – 75’ back at 1.6 to 1.8 mph. Best color was the IB Frozen green metallic patterns.


Jig bite around the reef complex has been nothing but superb. Lots of quick limits jigging purple hair jigs tipped with a minnow seems to be the most talked about. Some boats have been getting limits in an hour or less! Popular areas have been Toussaint Reef, Cone Reef, and “K Can” to name a few. Most fish caught here will be smaller, younger males in the 16” to 20” range.


With some stable and warmer weather coming in, look for the trolling bite to really start up. I expect as the water warms and clears some this week the fishing is going to GREATLY improve! Check back for next week’s fishing report. You can follow us on Facebook at Eriegardless Sportfishing or our website at


Captain Kelly Schmidt




Here is a little update to post... A few have been able to get out over the past weekend for some trolling in the reef complex area, around the cans on the firing range, N of Kelley’s Island, and I have even heard of some E of Kelley’s. Most have been pulling Perfect 10’s with some combination of snap weights finding some fish willing to bite. Also, few have taken on Bandits 50’ to 70’ back.  Keep an eye out here…the fish are here…it is time! Now it is about getting Mother Nature to co-operate and give us some stable weather. The bite seemed to get better each day this past weekend as the weather became more stable, but the recent blow yesterday with strong sustained NE winds has the lake really tore up again. The next week’s forecast is not the best either. Long range forecast has a warmup starting the last couple days of March and going into April. Time to get March over and let's get into April! Check back here for future updates and follow us on Facebook as we progress into the fishing season. Thanks to everyone that has booked with us…days are filling up fast with only a few days left in May!
Captain Kelly Schmidt



Welcome 2018 and what will be a FANTASTIC year for walleye on Lake Erie! Excellent hatch rates from ’14 and ’15 have produced a large number of legal-sized fish ranging from 18” to 22” that will be available for the catching. Early season ice-out will start with majority of the females spawning around the reef complex in the Western Basin with the males to follow. Jigging these reefs early in the season will produce some very quick limits and a lot of fun for those that wish to fish that way. Another great way to target the larger females going to and returning from the spawning grounds on the reefs is to troll. Trolling the outer range markers (A, B, C & D cans) covering water ranging in depth of 15’ to 20’. Post-spawned females seem to like to retreat to 20’+ of water after spawning. The female walleye typically spends only a few hours on top of the reefs spawning, mostly a night before moving off to deeper waters. Here they will rest and feed to recover from the spawn before they start their slow trek back east. Trolling stick baits such as Reef Runners, Bandits, Husky Jerks, P10’s, and etc. both high and low depending on the depth of the fish will produce a great opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime! A lot of FishOhio 28” plus walleye will be there to catch!

 Keep an eye out here for future reports as we get into spring! Come on sun!!!

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 Captain Kelly Schmidt