Sault Ste. Marie, MI Fishing Sault Ste. Marie, MI Fishing Sault Ste. Marie, MI Fishing Sault Ste. Marie, MI Fishing

Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula is a bountiful destination for anglers, thanks largely to Sault Ste. Marie fishing on the St. Marys River.

The St. Marys River is a 75-mile system of river, bays, and associated lakes that connect Lake Superior with Lake Huron.

Anglers can expect world-class walleye, musky and small-mouth bass fishing!

The St. Mary’s River is divided into two main sections, denoted by the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie.

Sault Ste. Marie lake preview

An area preview for Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

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Sault Ste. Marie Michigan area fishing report for the St. Maries River, Lake George and Munuscong Bay



Well, hunting season is in full swing, and I hope all of the hunters have as much success as I had yesterday. Walleye season is not done in the St Mary's river! If you're hearty enough the big girls are ready to party. Try fishing the 10-20' contour edges from Barbeau to DeTour village. The larger walleye are coming in and were very aggressive. Here's 3 great ways to catch them: trolling big cranks like Bandits in custom colors. Casting rip-n-raps or hard baits like moonshine or rapala #9 ice fishing baits (shivering to those who are in the know) the last and least known is jigging with 4-5" red tail chubs. The big pig walleye and pike CAN NOT resist this presentation in the late season. The ramp dock in Barbeau is out but you can still put in there but use caution and bring salt for icing on the ramp. The best place for the right color baits is Wilderness Treasures store in Pickford. Tom knows what's going on!  Good luck!



Fall is in the air here in the Upper Peninsula, some fun fishing opportunities are here! Heavy rains recently brought river levels up big time, but now we are back at normal flows. Currently Pike & Muskie fishing has been getting better with cooling water temps. We have had a very warm late summer & water temps have been quite high. Some salmon are available in the rivers as well, more rain coming some fishing should improve. Some fall colors are also beginning in certain areas of the UP.






It’s the heart of summer here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and fly fishing opportunities are available across the board.  It’s has been a hotter/dryer than normal summer so water temps are up.  On the St Marys river Atlantic Salmon fishing has been fair, higher than normal angling pressure exists so please be courteous on the river. Some nice fish are available, but warming water temps have made fishing challenging at times. Congrats to our guests on some magnificent fish!







The walleyes are still biting on everything from cranks to crawlers....and so are the Muskie. This 49-inch Muskie was caught today [and released] on a wally diver and it’s just one of many that have been caught while trolling for walleye in last few weeks. The fishing is fun out there y’all! Get out there and enjoy it!

Beautiful forecast for this coming week. Campsites, cabins, and docks available this week. Wake up and fish! Dan's Resort is the place.

If you head on up to Drummond Island or the Soo, stop at Wilderness Treasures for all your sporting needs. 906-647-4002

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Walleyes are in on Munuscong Bay.  Limits are being caught by almost everyone.  Interior of the Bay and the river mouth have been the hot spots.  Harnesses, jigs and crank baits have been producing great catches.  Pike and Musky have also been hot commodities.  Splake are still being caught in Hessel along with Perch.  Cedarville Perch should be starting soon.


Munuscong is still ice covered so no action there.  Smelt have been caught around Drummond island and Brimley area.  Hessel is still producing good splake numbers.  Cohos are being caught at Pendills Creek past Brimley.  Hopefully the waters clear up by opening day for walleye and the perch start biting in Cedarville.


Still lots of ice on Munuscong Bay (30 inches) but it won’t be lasting long.  Last ice perch fishing should be happening soon.  Perch and Splake fishing on Hessel Bay have been good, be careful of the ice conditions there. If you head on up to Drummond Island stop at Wilderness Treasures for all your sporting needs. 906-647-4002



Walleye fishing on Munuscong Bay is great.  Lots of small walleyes and keepers.  Large amounts of big perch are being caught also. Pike have moved back in after about a ten year hiatus. 30 – 40 inchers are not uncommon. Just about 3 feet of ice is allowing trucks to be driven all over the Bay, but be smart if you do drive. Whites, chartreause and glow jigs seem to be working best. They are biting light so you have to pay attention. They are catching pike and perch in the Les Cheneaux Islands with Hessel producing the biggest catches. Musky Bay is full of action with Pike and mostly smaller perch. Splake are also starting to be caught in the outer Bays and Hessel Bay.For all your fishing info and bait & tackle, check out Wilderness Treasures located on the corner in Pickford. 906-647-4002.



Well the Bay is simply been awesome this season. Lots of walleye pike and perch are coming thru the holes all over Munuscong bay. If you really want to catch fish, then get up here and go ice fishing. Here's just a few from the event at Dan's Resort.

For all your fishing info and bait & tackle, check out Wilderness Treasures located on the corner in Pickford. 906-647-4002.



Well, the bay is firing on all cylinders to start out the year. We are hearing of very consistent catches of perch and walleye. The fish and shacks are everywhere on Munuscong bay and there's enough ice to feel very safe to travel with 4 wheelers and side by sides.The fish have been hitting a variety of presentations. Jigging with small spoons and minnow heads has been very good, as has a spread of tip ups and lively shiners. If you want the best bait and fishing tackle and information on your way to fish the Bay,

Check out Wilderness Treasures located on the corner in Pickford. 906-647-4002. Perch turns into an amazing dinner!



With sub-zero temps and very little snowfall, Munuscong Bay is in great shape for fishing! Walleye and perch have been hot. This morning it was -17 and the bite seemed slow, but picked up a little as the sun warmed it up to 4 degrees. Ice thickness varies quite a bit—anywhere from 7 to 10 inches. Sleds and quads have been going out without a problem and hard shacks are starting to fill up our bay view. Thank you everyone for your cooperation on keeping shacks and sleds organized around here! 
We are looking forward to another great weekend of fishing!

Check out Wilderness Treasures located on the corner in Pickford. 906-647-4002.


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