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If the wind is not to crazy, the fishing has been awesome! The fish are all over the place right now and quite frankly, this is the best time of the year to get numbers as well as big fish. Lots of different sets are working. The best general pattern has been a spread of big multi-colored crankbaits fished from 1.2 -1.7 mph. The cold snap wil bring the speed down for sure for the month of December. Smithwick P-20's and Big Reefs and Strike King Banana Shads are all working. Again, custom colors are the best!

10.19.2017 Huron to Ashtabula
Hello fellow fisherman and welcome back.  October can be a transition month and we have experienced some windy weather. In between the wind we have been getting good fish from Lorain to Huron Ohio. A couple of programs have been working very well.  One has been a very high program and two has been the deep program. On the high program, running Perfect Tens and Ripsticks 60 to 80 back on Offshore Planer Boards, this has been very effective. 
The deep program  has been Dipseys 70 to 120 back on a 3,2 and 1 setting with Stinger spoons and Ripsticks. Speed has been around 2.3 Water depth has been 42 to 48 ft. Lure color has been anything with purple in it.
Pick and choose the nice days and don't miss out on this fantastic fall fishing.
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Thank you and Good luck. Captain Gary Zart. 




Hello fellow fisherman and woman. Sorry I haven't posted a report in a while but sometimes life has you so busy you lose track of time. Walleye Fishing is just crazy good from Huron to Conny. The biggest producer lake wide has been dipseys.  Pick your poison as far the lure you want to run. Spoons, Shallow Bombers, Worm Harnesses and bubble gum all work right now. From Huron to Cleveland run your sets 3 at 80 to 110 . 2 at 70 to 90. 1 at 50 to 70.

Speed 2.3 to 2.6.
Bandits, Reef Runners, Flicker Minnows weighted with 2 ounces or in weighted both are producing fish.  80 to 120 back has been best. 
Out east dipseys with the same lures has been on fire. 3 at 150 to 170. 2 at 120 to 140. 1 at 100 to 120. 2.5 mph on the speed.
Get out there and get in on the best walleye bite I can ever remember.
Good luck Captain Gary Zart.  Blue Dolphin Charters. 
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08.27.2017 Huron to Ashtabulah
Hello everyone and welcome to another fishing report on beautiful Lake Erie. 
Since the last time we talked fishing remains awesome out east from Geneva to Coneaut. 
From Cleveland to the west has slowed down a little with a few cold fronts slowing down the bite.
Out east we've been running dipseys with either spoon harnesses, spoons and shallow crank baits.  Getting your baits in that 50 to 60 ft range over 72 to 75 ft of water is key. Speed is right around 2.3 to 2.6. Catching 18 to 24 fish in just a couple hours is the norm and it's the best fishing I ever seen for catch rate and consistency. 
Complementing the dipseys we've been running 375 ft of wire with small and big storm thundersticks and Bandits behind Offshore Boards. They have been keeping the customers occupied also with alot of soar arms.
Get out while you can . If truly is on fire right now.
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Fish remains unbelievable on lake erie. From Lorain to Coneaut fishing doesn't get any better than this. Whether you want to fish skinny or deep the walleye are snapping.  In skinny water. Trolling bandits, flicker minnows and reef runners on short leads 35 to 70 back over 15 to 25 ft of water over structure should fill the cooler for ya. Out deep trolling wire line 375 total or dipseys with shallow plugs, spoons or worm harnesses has been getting it done. The nice thing about this time of year is speed kills. Don't be afraid to run over 2mph to catch. It also allows you to cover more ground. Colors are pretty simple to pick out. Cloudy days are purples and sunny days are bright colors.  On another note . Perch fishing remains awesome out west by the islands . Kelly's and the bass islands have all been holding nice schools of fish.  Good luck out there. Enjoy this fantastic fishing while it last. It's been a Epic year to say the least.
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Hello. Thank you for stopping by.  Hopefully you have been fishing and catching some walleye out on the big pond. 
This past week has been tough with all the wind we've had. When this happens all you can do is head north to find clean water and good marks. The Canadian line is not out of the question when we get a blow like this.
Apply the same tactics we've been talking about for weeks now. Dipseys with spinners or shallow cranks and wire line 300 to 400 ft behind Offshore Boards.
This program has worked very well from Geneva east with limit catches in a few hours .
Out west heading out north of Kelly's or the weather bouy would be a good bet till the water clears from the blow. Bandits and worm harnesses behind tadpoles targeting 25 to 40 ft in the water column is key.
We have another cold front coming in this weekend so will see what happens with the water and fishing after that. Good luck and be safe . Captain Gary Zart.  Blue Dolphin Charters. 









Hi everyone.  Welcome back !! Nothing has changed much from last week's report.  Walleye Fishing remains fantastic all over the lake. Find bait and structure,  and I guarantee your Lowrance fish finder will light up like a Christmas tree. 

Concentrate on areas and techniques that were mentioned in last week's report and you should enjoy your day on the big pond.


For a change of pace . Perch fishing has started early on Lake Erie.


Two areas that have been good has been around the islands and Ashtubula to the east in 45 to 50 ft of water. Use your Lowrance electronics to find perch on the bottom and drop anchor. 


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Thank you for stopping by. Good luck and Fish Strong. Captain Gary Zart 




Hello and thank you for stopping in for your weekly fishing report.
We had to dodge a lot of bad weather this past week but when we got out fishing has remained phenomenal.
The walleyes are starting to move deeper so we have had to change our programs to target them.
From Huron to Cleveland the fish seem to be holding in 30 to 45 ft of water. Running number 11 flicker minnows or bandits with 20/60 or 20/80 with two ounces has worked great.  Out of Geneva and to the east 70 to 75 ft of water has been the best depth. Running dipsy divers with harnesses, spoons or shallow cranks has been good. 135 to 165 on a 3.5 setting and 100 to 110 on a 1 setting. Also 350 to 375 ft of wire with bayrats, thundersticks, and flicker minnows has been good also. Speed for all programs has been 2.0 to 2.4 mph.
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Good luck and be safe.
Fish Strong . Captain Gary Zart 




Hello. Welcome back. Fishing remains red hot from Lorain to Ashtubula. There are many techniques that are catching fish and you still can stay less than 5 miles from shore to do it.
From Lorain to Fairport pulling either cranbaits or worm harnesses have been the best producers.  Number 11 Flicker Minnows and Bandits from 40 to 60 back behind Offshore Boards over 20 to 35 ft of water has been key. Worm harnesses behind number two Offshore tadpoles 50 to 70 back at 1.5 mph has also been successful. 
Farther east. Fishing 60 to 70 ft of water with 300 ft of wire  with Bandits and Flickers or Worm Harnesses behind dipseys divers getting 40 ft down in the water column has been key to catching.
Colors have been pretty consistent with purple,chartreuse and orange bellied baits being best. Good luck and enjoy the fantastic fishing going on right now on lake Erie. Please visit me on Facebook at Gary A Zart or Blue Dolphin Walleye Fishing Charters.  You can also visit me on my website at  Thank you Captain Gary Zart 




Lake Erie is on fire right now from Lorain Harbour, East to the Ashtabula Light. The nice thing is, the fish are close, so you don't have to go miles offshore to catch a nice box of fish. 

I've been targeting walleye from, as skinny as 10' of water out to 45' of water . The key is to find out what contour and depth they are in and  then target that area. 

We've been running number 11 Flicker Minnows, Bandits and Reef Runners on Offshore boards anywhere from 40 to 60 back.

Also we are running a dipsy diver with a spoon harness 20 to 40 back on a 3 setting. 

Speed has been 1.8 to 2.2 mph.

Colors have been Purple base, Blue chrome, Green chrome and having a orange belly is a good thing.

Spoon harness color has been copper or chartreuse backs with a willow style blade. Gale Force and Warrior are my two favorite companies that make blades.

Remember the key to success is duplication and fine tuning a pattern. Once you find out depth,speed and color etc, do all you can to keep on those key factors to have the most success. 

I hope this helps you catch more walleye.

Please feel free to visit me on Facebook at Gary A Zart or Blue Dolphin Walleye Fishing Charters.

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Good Luck and Fish Strong. See ya next week. Captain Gary Zart