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Walleye fishing remains hot out of Bolles Harbor in Monroe with quick limits of eaters have been caught straight out of Bolles near the state line using custom Bandits and Boogeys. Bigger Females have been caught in 14-16 fow in front of Luna Pier. Fishing report courtesy of Dave Domka and Domka Outdoors Charters. 734-239-5270


Fall bite is in full swing!! Great walleye jig fishing in both the Detroit and St Clair rivers. Trolling walleye in Lake Erie and Saginaw bay also picking up when the weather allows. If its to windy try perch fishing on the inland lakes or riversPerch in breast bay 15-20 fow strait out from SSP has been good. Muskie casting on lake St Clair has been excellent.


Captain Eric long
Long Line Charters


Good fishing out of Monroe Michigan for Walleyes. Trolling with Offshore Planer boards in 16-21 feet of water with crawlers harnesses and 1 oz tadpole Wright’s or bottom bouncers. Trolling speed about 1.0 to 1.4 gps speed. Lots of Walleyes in the 16-21 inch range. Can also troll bandits or strike king banana shads 25-50 feet out and then attach to the planet boards. Lots of limit catches. Contact Captain Nick Dood
Facebook Reel Live Action Charters or 616-293-4306.


Great fishing out of Monroe, Michigan, Walleyes being caught in shallow water on bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses. Hot colors from D & B custom lures in Algonac include purple Colorado blades and custom willow leaf blades in copper and purple. Limit catches with offshore planet boards in 16-18 feet of water.
Check out Reel Live Action Charters on Facebook or call Captain Nick Dood at 616-294-4306


Dave from Domka Outdoors, says the warmer weather has the fish snapping all along the Michigan shoerlines of Lake Erie. The trolling bite is very good as long as you can get the "Right color" water. The bite has been happening between 10-18' with custom colored Bandits, Strike King Banana Shads and P-10's. Get out and fish!


Fishing report

Lake Erie

Sterling State Park is on fire. Deep Bandits back off the planners 35-55 back at 1.3-1.7mph. fish are straight out in 18-21 feet of water. The fish are slamming several of the wild colors that I got from Domka Outdoors.

Purples, Greens, Chart, Pinks

Courtesy of Steve Hubert from Chum Bucket Charters out of Alpena (apparently he can catch fish anywhere!).




Fishing report 


 Lake Erie

Breast bay to Huron has been good. Trophy size catch's happening.  Water mudded up
Making it a little harder.  Large cranks at .8-1.3 mph with 2 oz snap weight at 20/20 to 20/60.   






Monroe Michigan

Perch bite is hot! Lots of perch being caught out of Monroe, Michigan. Schools in 23 and 25 feet of water. Perch are biting on Perch Pounder and Domka custom Perch rigs with minnows. Locate a school and stay on them with the anchor feature of your trolling motor or an anchor. Lots of limits of nice 8-13 inch fish. Don't be afraid to move around and find your own group of fish. There's no right spot at the moment, just a good depth range. If you get on them, limits are the norm.

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Lake Erie out of Monroe 


Well the Perch fishing has been getting going now in the Michigan waters of Lake Erie. We caught them in 25-26 feet of water out in front of Sterling State Park. Perch pounders and custom Domka Outdoors perch rigs were the ticket. If the bite slows down, go locate another school. The newer Electric Trolling motors with the "Anchor" feature are the bomb. The MotorGuide Xi5 holds you right on the spot for the whole day. No more dropping and pulling up anchors or hoping that they hold. Follow us on Facebook. Reel live action charters with Captain Nick Dood

Call 616-293-4306 to book your trip









Monroe Luna Pier

Walleyes close to the Ohio/Michigan line 25-28 feet of water. Running crawlers harnesses behind 1 oz offshore tadpoles in gold/purple colors 1.0-1.2 gps speed over leads are 20-35 feet off offshore planer boards.

Bandits and strike king banana shads have also been productive running at speeds of 1.8-2.5 mph. 25-80 feet off offshore planer boards.

Captain Nick Dood

Find on Facebook at Reel Live Action Charters or by calling 616-293-4306







Sterling State Park Monroe Michigan out in front of Fermi 21-23 fow crawler harnesses in gold and purple ran with 1 oz tadpoles 25-40 feet off offshore planer boards. Speed 1.0-1.3 on gps. Mayfly hatch is happening but fish are still hungry. Lots of 18-23 inch fish being caught.




Walleye fishing remains very good all along the Michigan shorelines of Lake Erie. Crankbaits always work but the worm bite on crawler harnesses is about to go.


Well my 1st trip to the area was a smashing success! We boated 20 nice keeper walleye up to 6 pounds. We fished the area generally known as "The Mansion" this is about 5 miles south of the Sterling State park in Monroe. We found 2 distinct groups of fish. The first was the furthest out and was in 25 FOW. The second was in closer at about 21 FOW. We had an east wind so we set up deeper and trolled from the deeper school thru the shallower school. The water was dingy but fishable, if it got to clean all we caught was white bass. We trolled 2.0 mph and used a combination of Bandits and Strike King Banana Shads. Custom colors in bright contrast worked the best and the Strike King baits are pictured below. I started using this bait after Dave at Domka Outdoors painted me 12 of his and my favorite Great Lakes colors. These lures when custom painted are flat out fish catching machines. If you want some Dave is going to do a batch up soon. The best leads out were 35-40 for higher fish and 50-55 for the deeper fish. I'm sure there are many other pods of fish all over this area as I saw small groups of boats in several spots within eyesight of us.


Fishing out on the lake has been tough due to the wind. There are tons of fish all over the place but finding a nice day and some cleaner water has not been easy. Those trolling are doing good on brightly colored crankbaits. It's really just a case of most guys fishing the river as it has been very good for the last 10 days.


This photo is a 14.3 pound big female Walleye from Spring trolling recently caught in Michigan waters of Lake Erie just outside Monroe aboard Reel Live Action Charters. Some of the hot springtime baits are custom colored Bandits, Smithwick p-10's,20's, deep Rapala husky jerks size 10 and 12. Try trolling behind Offshore inline planer boards with leads from 20-80 feet behind the planer boards. Another good tactic is using 1 ounce snap weights with shallow lipped stick baits using the 30/30,40/40,50/50 methods. Target deep breaks off shelves off Stoney point or the dumping grounds between Bolles harbor and Luna Pier. The fish can be shallow early in the season so don't be afraid to fish 12-20' depths. Once you start catching fish you can bring your other sets in tight around the fish catching zone. Speed during March and April is usually 1.0 to 1.5 mph as the water warms into the 50s you can begin to pick up the speed. One big tip is that if you are just "meat fishing" there are always high fish that will bite 6-10' down over any depth of water. The crawler and spinner bite doesn't get going until 55 degrees.

For a great charter trip: Contact Captain Nick Dood at 616-293-4306 or Facebook at Reel Live Action Charters.