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Cadillac Michigan Area Fishing Report

June 25th, 2019

With the prominent hatches having come and gone, leaving the fish in the rivers full and lazy, anglers have migrated back to lakes Cadillac and Mitchell in search of crappie, bluegills, largemouth and smallmouth bass that are in abundance in these waters. Lake Cadillac and Mitchell are no doubt most well known for the trophy northern pike that are frequently caught throughout the year, but the other species in the lake should not go overlooked- the bass and pan fish populations are thriving with many large fish waiting to be caught.

Now nearing the end of June, both pan fish and bass should are moving from their beds and into their post spawn behavior. A tactic that I found to be successful is using a slow moving bait that stays in the top third of the water column. An angler can also find success by pausing in their retrieval. A common bait for this method is a floating Rapala jerk bait- the jerk action mimics an injured fish, which is a quick and easy meal for a hungry bass. Another tactic that is productive in the post spawn period is the wacky rig, which is simply an octopus hook paired with a plastic worm hooked through the center horizontally. This slow tactic is great for sunny days. The most exciting way to catch summer bass is with a top water lure. Seeing the explosion that is created with a bite is easily the most adrenaline filled moment an angler can find on the lake. Frogs and poppers are the most
common top water lures. This tactic is most effective when the sun is low and the water is flat.

During the post spawn period the most success is found by staying in 6-10 feet of water targeting isolated weeds. An important thing to remember this time of year is that patience is key. “

Dawson Cook

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