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Cadillac Michigan Area Fishing Report

September 23rd, 2019

Lake Cadillac has had a decent bluegill bite going when fishing around weed edges. The fish are starting to migrate to their wintering grounds but not there just yet. The focus has been anywhere from 6-9 feet of water using leaf worms and hair jigs under a slip bobber. On Lake Mitchell the tactics have been the same with more boats focusing their time out in front of the bay. Bass fishing on both lakes have been steadily good but with tournaments the last couple weeks there has been a lot of boat traffic.

Salmon Fishing is still going full bore. With heavy rains for much of the week the added water continues to push fish up stream. Both the Betsie River and Manistee River are loaded with fish. All of the fish are big too, with the average probably being around 20 pounds and many much larger than that. Many anglers are getting 20 or more fish on a trip but are lucky to even land one. There are lots of “the Big one that got away stories” with fisherman talking about 30+ pound fish that have broken them off or ran away with their tackle.

Just about every river fishing method has been successful as well. Drifting flies and beads is probably the most popular method. Spawn sacs or Skein under a bobber has been working well also. Even crankbaits like STORM Thundersticks have still been working, which ususally only works in the beginning when the fish first start moving in.

Lots of Master Angler fish are being caught. Chinook (King) Salmon only have to be 39″ long to be Master Angler. If you get a good sized fish we would love to see it and if it’s a Master Angler we’re happy to take your pictures and get it sent to the DNR for you.

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