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April 30th, 2019

First trip for the 2019 season was a huge success! The Bradley group from Pittsburgh, Pa had booked an afternoon trip for Sat 4/27. For the past week it seemed like blow after blow with very little stable weather and dirty water. The winds gave us an 5 hour window on Sat afternoon and we took advantage of it! Fished about a mile East of Perry’s monument on South Bass Island in some stained but decent water in 30’ to 32’ of water. Trolling speed was 1.8knts and was running Bandits on one side and our new custom painted Yozuri’s on the other side. 75’ back on the Bandits was best and 63’ back on the Yozuri’s was best. Yozuri’s did very well with a 70/30 percentage over the Bandits. Best colors were our Pooh Bear Purple Yozuri and IB Nameless Bandits from DJ’s Custom Lures. After 2.5 hours of fishing this group had a great time learning about Lake Erie walleye, trolling AND had a LIMIT of nice fish. Biggest fish was 27” and had about a 22” average on the rest of their catch! As the weather improves, look for the water to clean up and the fishing to really catch on fire! If it can get any better?!?! Two trips booked for this weekend so look for updates next week.
Tight lines and good fishing!
Captain Kelly Schmidt

Eriegardless Sportfishing
Captain Kelly Schmidt
(419) 702-0589

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