Manistique Lakes Fishing Manistique Lakes Fishing Manistique Lakes Fishing Manistique Lakes Fishing

Curtis Michigan is surrounded by the largest lake complex in Michigan's Upper Peninsula known as the Manistique Lakes.

These lakes consist of North Manistique Lake, Big Manistique Lake, South Manistique Lake, Milakokia Lake, Lake Ann Louise, and Millecoquins Lake.

Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch, Bluegill, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Sunfish, Rock Bass, and Bullheads can all be expected throughout our lakes.

The Manistique Lakes Complex when combined with the smaller lakes within the area, gives anglers a total of over 20,000 acres of fresh water adventures.

Big Manistique Lake

Lake Preview for Big Manistique Lake in Curtis, MI. For more information, please visit or

South Manistique Lake


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Curtis Michigan area fishing report for Big and South Manistique Lakes


The bass and panfish have been slamming pretty much everything in site. Awesome Largemouth fishing is happening on South lake also bluegills are all up in the shallows. The walleye bite on Big lake is beginning to stabilize with some better weather. Try trolling small crankbaits and worm harnesses. The fish are generally in about 8'


Just waiting for "Ice Out" reports will be coming in mid May.


Ice fishing has been rolling along on both Big and South Manistique Lakes. Awesome pike have been coming on tip-ups tipped with a sucker minnow. Walleye have been biting decently on jigging spoons tipped with a minnow head in the mornings and evening. A scattering of perch and blue gill have been coming from the weed edges and shallows on both lakes. Tear drops with wax worms have been the best bait. Take a look at these to slob northerns from this past weekends tournament! Great job buddy!



The whole area has got great ice and is very good for snowmobile and 4 wheeler travel. The early season has been very good for pike and walleye on both big and south Manistique lakes. The cold temps have most guys hunkered down in their shanties and portables so choosing your spots is very important. The fish have started to move to the 1st breaks and just outside of the weedlines. The best presentations have been a combination of jigging with a smaller jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head or setting up a good spread of tip ups. The perch and panfish bite has been solid in and around the shallow weedbeds with teardrops and wax worms. Major points have been good in the mornings and evenings. Have fun and send us your photo's.



Perch and smallmouth bass are beginning to bite on big Manistique lake. It's perch time for the next month, and they can be caught all over the place on perch rigs and minnows. The smallies are biting on jerkbaits in the mornings on shallow gravel points and flats closer to the drop-off. Mid-day you can catch them nicely with weighted wacky rigged worms. Strike King "Zero" is my favorite on this lake in the PB & J colors (Brown & Purple)



Well our annual vacation on Big Manistique lake in Curtis started with a bang. We boated lots of nice Walleye on our first morning of fishing. The fish were hitting Shad type crank baits run a couple feet off bottom. White and crayfish were the best colors. Try trolling at 2 mph on and around major weed beds. We also caught a couple on the east shore gravel break at 9'


Both Big and South Manistique lake have been very good for bass the past 2 weeks. There is a great population of them this season and the bite is on. Bluegill are finishing up bedding but are very accessable in the 5-10' depths around new weeds. Walleye have been caught on crawler harnesses and crankbaits in the same general 8-10' depths. The perch are starting to bite a little on the big lake but it's still early.


The warming weather has the bite on both big and south Manistique lakes going a bit better than the opener. The gills and bass are in the shallows and Bass fishing has begun in earnest. Spinner baits slow rolled through the shallows and soft plastics dragged along the gravel and sand breaks has been deadly. Make sure you practice catch and release on the bigger fish. The walleye bite has also improved, my son in law caught this nice bag this past week working the break on Anderson bar. 



The fishing at Curtis has started a bit slowly. My group had moderate success trolling rapala 9s & 11s in about 8' on the south shoreline and in Helmer bay. The water is still cool and needs another week to really get the fish firing. Smallmouth are beginning to show up in the shallows. Take a look at this big girl that we immediately released.



Just waiting for open water, it won't be long!



Although there may still be ice on the lakes. I will be suspending the fishing reports until the first open water bite. I don't want anyone dying just to catch a few late ice fish. 



The late ice bite is here and things will start to heat up for the next couple weeks. As spring starts to show itself the fish throughout the lakes will begin to move shallower. Look for walleye to start setting up just outside their spawning areas. They should be catchable on tip ups as well as jigging with minnows. Panfish will also begin to move to the shallower bays and soft bottom areas in search of food. Teardrops and waxies should work nicely.



There is a ton of good ice here in Curtis. The last month of the season usually produces really good catches of perch and walleye. Perch are hitting around Burnt Island and to the west towards Anderson bar in 7-9' of water. Small spoons jigged with a minnow head or tip ups with a small blue seem to be the best. Walleye should start to head towards the N.W corner where the river flows into the lake. They will start to feel the need to get close to the north shore spawning areas. Same presentations are working for the walleye. Jigging or tip ups.



The moderate temps from the last week have helped keep the fishing around Curtis steady. Great fishing is being reported with lots of panfish being caught in the shallow weeds. Teardrops and wax worms are working well. Walleye and northers are coming on tip ups fished with live shiners. On Big Lake the hot spot seems to be Cooks Bay, also try the drop off just out from the East shore boat launch. Perch and walleye are being caught. On South Lake the main shoreline drop off right in the town of Curtis has been good. Tip ups for walleye and northern and tear drops or small spoons tipped with a minnow head.

Perch fishing continues to be good on Indian Lake in Manistique. Nice fish all caught in about 15'-20' of water on the drop off near the east shoreline. Small spoons tipped with a minnow head have been working great. Don't forget to set a dead rod close to you as about half the fish were caught on it. I'm sure tip ups with small shiners would also work.



I would wait a few more days to venture out on the lakes. This warmer weather has all that are careful concerned. Looks like New Years day is a possibility.




Ice conditions are still iffy at best on Big and South Lakes Manistique. Better wait for a few more cold days as the heavy snow has definately slowed the ice.



With the colder weather comes some of the best fishing of the season on Big and South Manistique Lakes. On both lakes the perch and panfish have been very good. Traditional 2 hook perch rigs or a single #6 aberdeen hook and splitshop with live bait has been the ticket. Fall bass fishing has produced some nice fish in the 3-5 pound range. The walleye fishing has slowed but should pick up as the water cools. Try slow trolling stick baits in the 6-9' depth range.

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