Marquette, MI Area Fishing Marquette, MI Area Fishing Marquette, MI Area Fishing

Welcome to Marquette County and the cities of Marquette, Big Bay Area, Ishpeming and Negaunee.

We are centrally located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the shores of Lake Superior.

Our area fish species are plenty! With Chinook Salmon, Coho, lake Trout, Whitefish, Steelhead, Splake, Blue Gill, Trout, Crappie, Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie and Perch.

Marquette Michigan lake preview

Lake Preview for Lake Superior out of the port of Marquette, Michigan!

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Marquette Michigan area fishing report.



Lots of snow is the recent theme for Marquette county lakes. Be prepared for lots of slush and rough travel on the ice. Because of the conditions, most reports we’re getting right now are from people who are fishing relatively closer to shore and not necessarily the best fishing locations on the lakes this time of year. The people who are prepared and have the transportation to get to the “hot spots” are catching some nice fish. Tactics have changed again the past week. For a couple weeks the pattern for perch had been small tackle and wigglers. The best reports lately have been guys using larger tackle (Lindy frostee spoons, quiver spoons or Swedish pimples in size 3-4 as an example) with large rosie red minnows. When the schools of perch move in they are very aggressive and are inhaling this entire presentation.  The trick seems to be getting to right spots and then keeping your baits down while the schools of fish are below you - they move and in and out very quickly right now so catch them as fast as you can.
A lot of fishermen are still targeting the Munising fishery.  The fishing here has also slowed a bit since first ice but remains a great spot to target multiple species of fish. There are numerous under size splake being caught - we’ve seen a few this week up to 21”. Perch, whitefish, coho are around and lake trout are being caught if you want to venture out into deeper water. A few nice brown trout have also been iced this week. 
We’ve been able to keep our rental shack open in these conditions and keep clients comfortable and on a few fish. For more information on local fishing and conditions or to inquire about our rental shack opportunities please give us a call at The Bobber Shop located in Marquette (906) 362-3634. 


Happy Holiday’s Fisherman!
With everybody off work and enjoying time off with family, we have seen a huge amount of fishermen AND fisherwomen in the shop the last few days.  It’s great to see everyone getting out on the ice and enjoying some fishing. The tremendous bluegill and trout fishing has continued on the traditional inland panfish and trout lakes around the Gwinn area. The pattern for these fish continues to be finding the weed beds in slightly deeper water (12’-15’) and varying your presentation depths.  The bait of choice has changed over the last week for most people targeting the trout, it was wax worms and small minnows, now our best selling bait has been wigglers the last few days.  If you’re looking for some nice perch fishing, those reports are starting to come in too with sizes of up to 14 inchers being reported. Depending on what lake you’re targeting, small rosie red minnows and wigglers have been the bait choice for perch fisherman. With all the kids out of school for Christmas break, pike fishing with tip ups has been a popular activity and the walleye fishing has been mostly put on the back burner. Marquette County has great opportunities to get the kids on the ice and enjoy chasing flags all day. We have several lakes with reduced size limits and increased daily bag limits for northerns and these lakes have not been disappointing!  Try rigging your tip ups with a wire leader and a smaller than normal treble hook. Hook your sucker minnow through the upper lip and position your minnow a good 3’-4’ off the bottom. With the hook through the upper lip, your minnows will have more action and your hook sets will tend to be better, especially on smaller fish and allow your younger anglers a greater opportunity to land the fish. If you’re heading to Marquette County to do some fishing, stop in The Bobber Shop and get the latest up to date fishing and ice reports. They can set you up with whatever gear you need, a HUGE selection of live bait and have rental shacks available. You can also give them a call at (906) 362-3634 or look them up on Facebook. 


Most all inland lakes in Marquette county right now are seeing 4-8” of good ice. Western Marquette county received a large amount of snowfall last weekend so the lakes in that direction do have quite a bit of snow cover and some slush, be prepared for that. A lot of nice panfish, rainbows and splake are being caught on small tackle with wax worms and spikes - all of these fish are being found suspended in the water column. If you don’t have any electronics, drill multiple holes and vary 
your depths until you find the schools. Pike fisherman are having success on large suckers and golden shiners. Not many walleye anglers yet, but the few we have seen caught are HUNGRY and absolutely crushing larger suckers right on the bottom. We’re expecting the weather to be clear and fairly mild for the next week so get out and take advantage of the great conditions! Check out the "Bobber Shop" in Marquette, for all your lkive bait and tackle needs. Chris has the best local fishing information and Shanty rentals as well.


Fall is in the air here in the Upper Peninsula, some fun fishing opportunities are here! Heavy rains recently brought river levels up big time, but now we are back at normal flows. Currently Pike & Muskie fishing has been getting better with cooling water temps. We have had a very warm late summer & water temps have been quite high. Some salmon are available in the rivers as well, more rain coming some fishing should improve. Some fall colors are also beginning in certain areas of the UP.







Daybreak Charters

It has been AWESOME fishing all season long on Stannard Rock out of Marquette. Giant lake trout have been hitting heavy leaded jigs tipped with white grub bodies. Tipping these jigs with a strip of herring or sucker meat can help you a lot if the bite is slow. They are also starting to catch them on 1 to 2 ounce jigging spoons with excellent success. Calm to 10mph winds are a must as boat control becomes very tough if winds are more than 10 mph.

I think her smile says it all! Talk about setting the bar high first thing in the morning... Her first Lake Trout, on the first drift of the day.

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The bite was hot today offshore, with well over 50 Lake Trout boated between 4 guys on a glass calm day. The water temps on the other hand were not hot at all. 35-36 degree water from top to bottom still in mid-June! ❄️John and the crew at Daybreak Charters out of Marquette can get you your Stannard Rock fix!

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Marquette is still locked in ice as of today.  Boat launch is still frozen. Ice breakers are struggling to even get the ore boats into the harbor. It'll be a little while yet ladies and gents.





April 3rd, 2018 at 10:47 am

Currently we are still deep in winter mode here across the Upper Peninsula region, I sure wish some warmer weather would head our way. Very minimal melt off has occurred & the Great Lakes have a large amount of ice coverage. Some Steelhead are available, covering water has been key. Virtually no new spring Steelehead have shown up yet, all holdover fish at this point still. Eventually spring will come! Be sure to get the right help at Rivers North Guide Service 



Well this is the type of winter that we are all wanting to come....and it's here! Everything is frozen up nicely and we are getting reports of lots of panfish and pike action all around Marquette county. We should have some specific reports and photo's shortly.



The summer season in Marquette continues to roll along as does the great fishing. 

Stannard Rock has been experiencing an excellent fishing season. This iconic trophy fishing spot has been kicking out lots of 25# lakers and some 30-35# fish have been boated and released by the happy anglers that brave the trip to the "Rock"

Inland lakes are producing nice consistent stringers of bass, walleye and panfish. Most species have settled into the summer patterns and are being caught out on the deeper weed lines as well as mid lake humps and bars. Try slow drifting live bait or snapping plastics on these structures. 

Lake Superior near shore continues it's production of "Grillin sized" Lake Trout and if taken to a local eatery they can be prepared for you through the Catch N Cook program.


The summer has been cool and wet but that has not dampened the vacationers or the fishing. Big Lake fishing for trout has remained solid all around the port of Marquette and the the trollers are getting all the eater sized fish that they can handle. 

Inland lake fishing for bass and panfish remains great on the many cottage lakes that are scattered all about Marquette county. The larger lakes have also been good with Silver Lake Basin yielding nice catches of walleye. Trolling crankbaits has been the ticket.

Stannard Rock has remained excellent as big lake trout continue to bite and the winds have been reasonably cooperative.



The Largemouth bass fishing has been very good all around Marquette county! I have had numerous reports of very good catches as well as size. I just returned from a day of fishing and everything that I have heard is true. Me and a friend boated 20 keepers in the day and 5 were in the 4-5 pound class. We pitched wacky worms on 1/16th oz. jigs and let them slow sink on the shoreline side of the weeds in about 5-6' of water. We also worked the docks in the morning. The best worms were Strike King Zero's and Shimmy Sticks in Purple/Brown and Blue/Pearl. Blue gills have been active in the shallow water and we caught several large ones!

The near shore fishing is starting to settle down and be productive. Good fishing for lake trout between white rocks and granite island in 180-220' The fishing out on Stannard Rock has been awesome. Lot's of fish and of course large ones that are the norm for this iconic fishery.  

The smallmouth bass fishing in lake Independence has been very solid so far. Top water, spinner baits as well as wacky worms have all produced good catches.


Inconsistent has been the name of the game lately for the fishing nearshore Marquette. Weather patterns that are changing almost daily, lots of wind, and colder than average temps have really made us work for them. Cohos still hitting in the top 15-20' of the water column, in tight to shore or out deep. Laker action in shallow has been slow, but out deeper, 130-160+ it has been pretty good, some days better than others. Fish are still moving around quite a bit and have not set up in one particular area or another for very long. Water temperatures near the harbors still ranging from 40 to 43°, and water temperatures offshore are still as cold is 37°.  Feels more like late April than the  1st of June. Some sunshine and warm temperatures would do wonders for warming up the water and picking up the bite.  FINN spoon such as Solar Flare and Kiddie Cocktail have been great, as well as Granny Smith.  As always, the Silver Streak Greasy Chicken Wing is a stud on Lake Superior.  







Another amazing run to Stannard Rock. Over 60 fish boated today, biggest weighed in at 33lbs on the scale, and was caught in 40' of water on a jig. All but 6 small fish were released today in great shape. 🇺🇸🎣

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Well to say the season started well for this group of Stannard Rock fisherman would be an under statement! Look at these beauties that John at Daybreak Charters and his group jigged up from the depths of Lake Superior. This is truly a one of a kind lifetime experience! There has also been a better than average number of Brown Trout around the shorelines this season.




Steelhead have been slowly migrating into the streams in the central upper peninsula region lately. Rainfall over the last weeks will only help increase the migration to full strength. It is that time of the year for the river fisherman to really get out and experience this wonderful fishing. Right now it seems that egg patterns have been the most productive. Bait anglers using spawn are also doing very well as are the traditional fly guys. Need a guide? Brad Petzke at Rivers North is the best in the region!




Just waiting for open water. River fishing will be really heating up soon!



The warm weather is upon us! There may be some lakes with safe ice around but I would use extreme caution going forward. The fish will be on the move to the shallows now as ice-out is about 2 weeks away. I will not be reporting again until open water. I don't want anyone getting in trouble on "bad ice" See you at "Ice out"

The Chocolay river should be starting to heat up with good fishing.



Really good pan fishing is starting to occur through out Marquette county. There has been solid action county wide for Crappie and Blue Gills. It is now "late ice" and I don't expect us to have an early ice out as it is projected to be quite cold for a good 2 more weeks. The fish of all species naturally begin to head shallow from their deeper water holding areas in mid March. Tear drops and wax worms will work great for pan fish while crappie are very easy to catch on minnows.

Set up tip ups along main lake structures and point as well as first breaklines.



The lakes of Marquette county are still frozen and producing lots of fish. The cottage lakes are all producing nice catches of pan fish. Tear drops tipped with wax worms have been very good when fished around the weeds. The larger lakes are also producing nice pike and walleye. Pike and walleye are being caught the old fashion way, tip ups tipped with shiners or suckers set about 2' off the bottom. Set up near weed edges for pike and the walleye are also there as well as on the shallow areas of main points in the mornings and again in the evenings.

Teal and Silver Lake basin are reporting decent action for walleye and pike. Same deal, tip ups on the drop offs and jigs and minnows. Pan fish and perch are biting wax worms and small tungsten jigs

Great Crappie action is being reported after dark around the smaller lakes in the Gwinn area. Fishing after dark.