Western Upper Peninsula Fishing

Western Upper Peninsula Fishing

Western Upper Peninsula Fishing

Western Upper Peninsula Fishing

Western Upper Peninsula Fishing

Western Upper Peninsula Fishing

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Lake Gogebic Fishing Report 12/31/17

The weather this Christmas week has been brutally cold but that is exactly what we needed to get things going in our area. You wouldn't think that a major cold front would be good for fishing but it has been pretty darn good fishing this week.

We have about 12" of ice up on the north end in Bergland Bay and people are starting to venture out to deeper water on the main part of the lake to the typical perch haunts. We are looking at another week of these below zero temps which will help make the ice safe. Just remember to never take anything for granted and always check as you go!!

My customers at the Timbers Resort, have been catching perch on wigglers tipped on various spoons and jigs. I also have some people that are jigging the smaller fat head minnows and catching perch.

Our walleye guys are typically setting up their underwater tip-ups with 4" sucker minnows and jigging smaller fat heads minnows in their shelters. Look at some of these great fish from this past week!







Well the cooler weather is starting to make its way into the western U.P and with it comes great mixed bag fishing on Lake Gogebic. The smallmouth and perch will really begin their fall feeding and we should have a productive month. Perch will bite readily on 2 hook perch rigs and minnows. The smallmouth can be caught on a variety of baits worked on the shoreline breaks and points pretty much all day long in the fall. This is a trophy smallmouth lake so let them go after a good picture.




Walleye are still biting on Lake Gogebic. The trollers and crawler harness fisherman are picking away at some nice eating sized fish. The weather has warmed up and actually is nicer than in August. The perch should start to fire as soon as we get some cooler weather.


We have started to get really nice catches of 17-20" walleye while trolling the mud on Lake GogebiThe fish are stacked up in the 20-24' depths. The best choice for getting them seems to be medium sized crankbaits fun about 75-125 back. Target the marks in the 15-18' range for the best success. Trolling speed has been 1.8-2 and #9 flicker minnows or deep little rippers in purples have been great. Don't forget to run a depth spread using in line boards like the offshore OR-34s to help maximize the success.




Lake Gogebic Fishing Report:

The Timbers Resort
Eyes-Guy Guide Service

The weather up here in the U.P. has been anything but normal. We have 
had a lot of rain early on and the water levels have been fluctuating. 
The weed growth in the lake is late and the water temps have been cool. 
Winds out of the east, and North East for the most part all year. To 
date we have only had 3 days with a south / south west wind. Fishing has 
been spotty with some really good days and some pretty tough days. I 
have been guiding on a daily basics and have been able to get my fish 
but can be a real grind for the walleye fishing. My customer that have 
been targeting the pan fish have been doing well on the bluegill in the 
shallow weeds on the north end of the lake.

I have been catching my walleye in shallow weeds and out on the deep mud 
flats in the middle of the lake too. Crank baits such as Reef Runners 
Deep Little Rippers, Berkly Flicker minnows, Storm Thunder Sticks are 
some of my go to baits. When the water Temps raised above 70 degrees in 
the afternoon yesterday I was able to put together a pretty good crawler 
harness bite using Off Shore Tackle Guppie snap weights to catch walleye 
roaming over the mud flat in the main part of the lake.

Captain Tim Long

Eyes-Guy Guide Service
The Timbers Resort




The Timbers Resort

Weather patterns have been all over the place this spring, finally got some water temps to reach 60 degrees. I have been able to stay on the fish but having to work for them. Most of my fish are still coming out of shallow water. The best way for me has been to troll with my OR 12 Off Shore in-line planner boards pulling cranks. right now my go to cranks are the Berkley Flicker Shads and the Berkley Flicker Minnows.


Pan fishing, and bass fishing is really starting to pick up.

Remember The Timbers Resort has a full live bait and tackle shop on site with the products you need to catch fish on Lake Gogebic.


Tim Long




Fishing has started just a little bit slower than we would like to see here on Lake Gogebic. The fish are just a bit off mostly because of lots of east winds and cooler temps. The fish are there and are showing up on the Lowrance but the bits are just a few keeper walleye per day to the boat. I was there just last wednesday and did boat 5 nice keepers 15-17" trolling in 8-10 FOW. The #5 Flicker minnow and shads was the only bait that was working, Purple was the color about 30-40' back of the boards. The good thing is that when the warm weather hits it will be a field day!



    Lake Gogebic, in the western Upper Peninsula. A new open water season is upon us, the opener for fishing in Michigan is May 15th. Lake Gogebic is the largest inland lake in the U.P. of Michigan. It is approximately 14,000 acres, 18 miles long and 3 miles wide at its widest point and has around 40 miles of shoreline. At this time of year (May/June) the fishing is in full swing on Gogebic with Walleye, Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Perch, and Crappie being the main targets for most anglers. Catching is typically not a problem.

This year the ice went on April 18th so we could start to see some new weed growth by opening day if Mother Nature cooperates just a little bit. At the beginning of the season I would typically be fishing shallow for walleye. While fishing for walleye I catch all the species that swim in this lake. Some very popular techniques include slip bobber fishing with live bait such as 3 – 4” sucker minnows or fat head minnows. I will usually take both with me and let the fish tell me what they prefer that day. As the season progresses, I may switch to leeches or crawlers. Other techniques would include trolling over these shallow flats that are starting to show new weed growth, positioning my bait just above the top of the new weed.  Wind is always a factor when fishing, and I always like to position myself on the windblown rocky shorelines. I like to work my crank baits in shallow water on the windblown rocky shorelines using my Off Shore in-line planner boards pushing my shallow running baits up into water as skinny as 1 foot of water. Drifting or rigging in these areas can also be great options.

If you have never been to the largest inland lake in the U.P. or you would like revisit the beautiful Lake Gogebic give Tim and Sara at the Timbers Resort a call!