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Cheboygan Michigan Area Fishing Report

2-20-24 Cheboygan area The nights been very cold, and black lake is producing nicely for both pike and Wallye. Roughly 6 inches of good ice on the North end of the lake where I was fishing. The nights ...Full Report

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Cheboygan, Michigan Area
If you love Northern Michigan Fishing, Cheboygan, MI and and all points in between await your visit!

Cheboygan Fishing
Cheboygan River Fishing offers great opportunities for the following species:  walleye, steelhead, trout, salmon bass, and perch. These incredible lakes are terrific for anglers to wet their line.  Our Inland Waterway offers access to:  Mullet Lake, Burt Lake and Black lake.  These unique interconnected lakes and rivers are sure to enhance your fishing experience.

Cheboygan River Fishing
The Cheboygan River flows into Lake Huron and is the Waterway’s largest river.  The mouth of this river is home to the Coast Guard Cutter "Mackinaw”. A drawbridge spans the river downtown and a gate lock raises and lowers boats 12’.

Crooked Lake and Pickerel Lake Fishing
Crooked Lake and Pickerel Lake are known for great fishing.  Both are relatively deep. To continue your boating journey from Crooked Lake to Burt Lake boaters must travel through the Crooked River and go through the Crooked River Locks which lowers boats two feet to the level of Burt Lake. Navigation on the Crooked River generally limits boats to 25 feet.

Burt Lake Fishing
Burt Lake is Michigan's fourth largest inland lake.  Burt Lake is well known for its beautiful bays and wide span of water.

Mullett Lake and Burt Lake Fishing
Connecting Mullett Lake and Burt Lake is a five mile stretch of the Indian River. The area where the Indian River flows into Mullett Lake is marshy and known as the “Indian River Spreads”. This is a wildlife habitat for a variety of wildlife including:  Osprey, Bald Eagles, Otters, and Loons along with other waterfowl.

Cheboygan Attractions
Our area has a great number of activities and attractions which includes:  Mackinac City and the Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac Island, Black Mountain Recreation Area, Wild Elk Herd, The Cross in the Woods, Sturgeon River Trips – Kayaking, tubing and rafting, Cooperation Park, Adventure Golf, Geocaching, Golfing, ORVing, The Huron shores Heritage Route, Bois Blanc Lighthouse, UM Biological Station, and the Grass Bay Preserve. 

Come visit us today and experience, “Pure Waters. Pure Trails. Pure North.”

Area Photos

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