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Indian River Area Fishing Report

October 14th, 2019

Fishing in the Indian river area especially on Burt Lake has really come alive! The perch bite using slip bobbers on weed edges, over submerged weed beds, and main lake flats has been the key right now as these fish are slowly starting to make their way to the wintering grounds due to colder nights and days. Fishing 8-13 feet with leaf worms, wigglers, or minnows under those floats has been the most productive method. If vertical fishing is more of what you want to do and are rigged up for you can do that also with a crappie rig/bead rig tipped with minnows or wigglers. The best depth when fishing these perch vertical has been 20-30 feet of water.

Walleye are feeding as Fall enters northern Michigan as well. Fishing vertical presentations over flats this time of year can produce big fish and good numbers of walleye on Burt Lake also. Trolling stick baits behind tadpoles or even leadcores using offshore Tackle boards to make a bigger spread can be very effective on those same flats. 20-30 feet of water has been and will be the best as we have now entered the Fall season. Don't be scared of the bigger baits also, such as reef runners and deep diver husky jerks made by rapala. These baits can produce trophy walleye and good numbers of good eater size fish(17-20") also.

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