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February 4th, 2022

1-31-22 Traverse City
Well the smelt are starting to bite very well on Green Lake in the Traverse City region. Mike Radcliff from the North West Michigan Fishing Club and some friends had an awesome day or shall I say evening on the ice. A few tips for those wanting to learn how to catch smelt. Mike and his friends were fishing between 30 and 45 feet deep. If you’re not seeing good schools of fish go through in the bottom half you should be moving a little deeper or a little shallower until you see good activity. They were fishing with Hali jigs and red spikes. One of the guys increased his catch dramatically by adding a couple of number 10 snelled hooks above his jig. Also adding a green light into your hole really really increases your catch as well. Lakes like Green and also Higgins are very productive for smelt. If you’re looking to get involved with fishing up in the Northwest part of our state, check out the Northwest Michigan Fishing Club on Facebook

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