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Cadillac Michigan Area Fishing Report

June 9th, 2020

6-8-20 Cadillac / Pilgrims Village
Right now it seems like the fishing keeps getting better every day. Bluegills and Sunfish are working there way into the shallows and starting to spawn. We’re still seeing lots of Crappie being caught, some still with eggs in them. Bass are being spotted guarding beds. All in all it’s a great time to get out fishing.Bluegills and Sunfish are becoming easy to catch as they move into the shallow water. Litterally a worm and a bobber set shallow is taking most of them but there are many other techniques to put fish in your bucket. Small flies, poppers and floating spiders also work great during these conditions. Smaller leaches are also a great bait for panfish too. Even a small Beatle Spin can get a bite.The hardest part of Crappie fishing right now is locating the constantly moving schools. Once you can get on top of them the action has been great. Minnows under a bobber set just a couple feet below the surface has been the most popular way, however anglers using small tube jigs, Beatle Spins and smaller crankbaits have been doing very well also.Bass are finally starting to move in shallow like the Bluegills. Casting along side docks and bedding areas is the ticket to catching them right now. Wacky worms, Chatterbaits, Tube jigs, Spinnerbaits and many other lures have been catching many aggressive Bass.The Walleye bite is still good but they are starting to move out to deeper water. Trolling crankbaits is still working however dragging nightcrawler harnesses is quickly becoming more popular. The 9th Annual 2020 Free Summer Fishing Contest is well under way. We currently have fish of every species entered except for a Northern Pike. Fish can come from anywhere in the state of Michigan. No frozen fish with sunken eyes or white gills accepted.

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