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May 25th, 2024

5-25-24 Houghton Lake
Well, I went up and film the show yesterday on Houghton Lake. Fishing was lights out good. The lake flies are just starting to hatch. Fishing should be very good for the holiday weekend. My catch for the day: 7 keeper Walleye, 5 keeper Pike, and 3 keeper bass . Of course, we released the pike and the bass and one walleye that was a little larger than I wanted to keep. We worked shallow flats with Walleye nation creation #5 boggie shads. Trolling them between 25’ to 45’ back behind our Offshore boards. When we were in about 8 feet of water, we were 25 back, and when we moved out to deeper water in the afternoon, we stretched them out to 45 back. Shiny golds and chromes were the best as it was very sunny today. We also caught a bonus bluegill which I decided was going to be part of our dinner menu for the weekend. Hope this helps some people catch some fish.

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