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Cadillac Michigan Area Fishing Report

January 7th, 2020


Lets start thinking ice fishing. Again.

Currently there is only a handful of lakes in the lower pennisula of Michigan with fishable ice, and Lake Mitchell is one of them. Most all of the lakes South of us are either opening back up or are only skimmed back over and the larger deeper lakes to the North are all wide open as well. Even Lake Cadillac’s shoreline is in bad shape keeping access down to very limited areas.
Right now on Lake Mitchell guys are fishing on 4-7″ of ice. You still need to be checking the ice as you go with your ice spud. There are some colder days ahead of us in the future so maybe we can get the shorelines healed up and get back onto Lake Cadillac.

The anglers fishing behind us on the East side of Lake Mitchell are mainly catching Perch and occasional Walleye. Across the lake near Big and Small Coves they’re mainly catching a mix of Bluegills and Crappie. Wherever you go put out a Tip-up, we heard of quite a few Pike caught this weekend.

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